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Full text of the Development Project Applications
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See a MAP of the Residential Lots and Commercial Development

Also see a series of reports with important facts about how these proposed development projects will impact the residential community 


Resultant Changes (Existing & Proposed)

  • Hours of operation remain unchanged at this complex. The driving range will be open from dusk to dawn, as will the locker room addition at the clubhouse. Guestroom check-in is anytime after 4:00 pm; check-out is anytime before 12:00 noon; room service is available 24 hours/day. Meeting space is available to groups based on individual needs. Underground parking is available 24 hours/day.
  • The 91 additional guestrooms, based on double occupancy, have the possibility of 182 overnight guests. There are 40 hitting stations combined at the double-ended driving range, therefore a maximum of 40 persons could practice at one time.
  • All facilities at this complex are open to the public. Hotel room rates, golf ball buckets at the driving, range, and conference room reservation rates will be consistent with ongoing resort rates charged for these services at the time they are available for use. Parking underground facility is free of charge.
  • Consistent with the existing operation of The Inn at Spanish Bay, conference events are cyclical and market-driven. Conferences are seasonal and vary in size from small groups (under 25 attendees) to larger groups (up to 750 attendees). These bookings range in length from daily to week-long events.
  • There are no new restaurant facilities proposed with this project. Likewise, there are no new retail facilities proposed as well.
  • Noise levels comply with Monterey County's Noise Element, and are addressed in the Environmental Noise Assessment prepared for this project by Brown-Buntin and Associates, a copy of which is on file with Monterey County.
  • Traffic impacts are addressed in the Transportation Analysis prepared for this project by Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc., a copy of which is on file with Monterey County.
  • Exterior lighting will be consistent with adjacent buildings and uses. An exterior lighting plan is a standard condition of approval by Monterey County and is required prior to issuance of building permits.
  • There is no impact to the existing trail system in Del Monte Forest with this project


Ancillary/Secondary Improvements

Ancillary improvements include realignment of the entry road, which relocates the tennis courts (and underground parking) closer to the existing clubhouse.

Since the opening of The Links at Spanish Bay in 1987, a need for a nearby driving range has become critical to our operations. Currently there are public driving ranges in Pebble Beach: one at Spyglass Hill Golf Course (2 miles away), and one near the Pebble Beach Golf Links (4 miles away). Golfers at The Links at Spanish Bay must make arrangements to drive or be driven to practice at one of the existing driving ranges, thereby creating unnecessary traffic trips. This project reduces the internal traffic associated with driving range use. The driving range will be irrigated with reclaimed water.

The proposed General Development Plan Amendment for this portion of the project includes the subject site, the overall site plan and the individual site plan for each component, floor plans, and elevations for the following elements: The Inn at Spanish Bay, meeting space, guestrooms, parking and circulation improvements, driving range, parking and golf teaching facility. See Exhibit A-1 for site statistic details.


The approved inn at Spanish Bay is a resort development consisting of 269 guestrooms, three restaurants, 14,000 sq. ft. of conference space with a combined capacity of 500 persons, a 492 space parking lot, 80 condominium units, an 18 hole golf course, golf clubhouse, tennis courts, and tennis pro shop. The proposed project will add visitor accommodations and meeting space, improve interior resort operations, provide additional parking and improved circulation, provide ancillary uses for The Links at Spanish Bay, and provide housing for employees on an adjacent site.

Guestrooms - The project will include 91 new guestrooms, 86 of which are located within two, 2-story with dormer level buildings to be situated between the existing resort parking area and fronting the 11th fairway of The Links at Spanish Bay. Parking will be displaced by these two buildings (138 parking spaces), as would a limited number of existing landscape Monterey pines and other vegetation. A small area within the Inn complex will be remodeled to convert existing interior offices to a net increase of 5 additional guestrooms. Increasing the number of guestrooms will add 46 new employees, one employee for every two new rooms created. The conversion of office space will relocate 40 accounting employees off site to the Company's Pacific Grove properties. The net increase for staff at The Inn will be approximately 9 employees (the driving range adds 3 staff members, which, when added to the new employees and relocated employees, results in the 9 new staff members).

Meeting Rooms - The Inn will be expanded to add 14,040 sq. ft. of meeting space (four spaces of about 3000 sq. ft. each and two smaller spaces of approximately 1000 ft each) across from the existing ballroom. Ancillary improvements include a pre-function entry and circulation space, service corridors, mechanical rooms, service entry and courtyard, and storage.

Tennis Facilities - The existing clubhouse will be remodeled to add 1,800 sq. ft. of locker space. The 8 existing tennis courts and pro shop will be replaced with 8 new courts and one half-court (for practice) constructed over a new underground parking garage (see below)

Parking and Circulation - Substantial chances are proposed to both circulation and parking in order to accomplish several improvements that will benefit both the guests at the Inn and the condo dwellers:

  • Replace those parking spaces lost through meeting-room and guestroom additions,
  • Add parking to meet additional demand for spaces created by the new guestrooms and meeting rooms,
  • Improve circulation to separate visitor traffic and resident access, and
  • An enhanced arrival/entry and exit experience for visitors.

A new 443 space underground garage is proposed at the site of existing, tennis courts near the resort entrance. Guests will access The Inn and related facilities via a new driveway south of the underground parking structure. Separate access to the residential portion of the site will be located east of the parking, garage, opposite the first existing condominium building. Pedestrian paths will allow resident access to the tennis courts, clubhouse, and a, new children's pool area. All other Inn parking and circulation, including arrival and parking, areas serving the existing Inn and proposed new guestrooms and meeting rooms, will be reconfigured to provide easy visitor access and service. See Exhibit A-2 for the parking summary at the Spanish Bay site.


Development of the Spanish Bay site will involve temporary closure of the 11th fairway and use of this area for storage of materials and construction staging.

The grading plan for the improvements at The Inn at Spanish Bay indicate an excavation of roughly 45,000 cy of excess soil to be removed from the project site. This is primarily due to the excavation of the underground parking, but also includes that which is required for foundations and footings of the new guestroom buildings and meeting facility addition. About 15,000 cy will be transported for use at the new Equestrian Center site; 20,000 cy will be used at the nearby Spanish Bay Driving Range; and the balance of 10,000 cy will be transported to the Marina Landfill. A truck route has been established for the hauling of soil (Congress Road to S.F.B. Morse Drive to eastbound Highway 68 and finally to northbound Highway 1). The construction impact is discussed in the Transportation Analysis prepared for this project by Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc., a copy of which is on file with Monterey County.

Driving Range, Golf Teaching Facility, and Parking- Accessory uses to the Spanish Bay Golf Links and additional parking to serve The Inn at Spanish Bay are proposed to be located on an approximately 26-acre parcel located at the southeast corner of 17 Mile Drive and Congress Road (LUP Development Area 8C). A new driving range is proposed for this site, along with a +/- 3,000 sf golf teaching facility. Currently, golfers at The Links at Spanish Bay travel to one of two distant driving ranges at Spyglass Hill Golf Course (2 miles away), and near the Pebble Beach Golf Links (4 miles away). The new driving range is intended to eliminate these trips by providing golfers at Spanish Bay Golf Links with an on-site practice range. To provide sufficient parking for employees, guests, and the driving range, the driving range site will also provide 301 surface parking spaces. Golf maintenance staffing will increase by 3 individuals required to manage the driving range. The 7 teaching professionals and support staff will be relocated from the Spyglass Hill driving, range to serve this golf teaching facility. A proposed open space buffer surrounds the range, as well as an open space area located in the southwest portion of the site.

To accommodate these uses, the site will be rezoned from Medium Density residential (MDR) to Open Space Recreation (OR) as provided by Measure A. The proposed, as well as the existing, zoning designations allow golf course and accessory uses; however, rezoing is proposed to formally recognize the conversion of planned residential development on this site to priority visitor serving-recreational uses. See Exhibit A-3 for site statistic details.

The grading plan for the improvements at this site indicate a need for roughly 20,000 cy of fill material, which will be supplied from the excess material from the underground parking facility at The Inn at Spanish Bay. The construction impact is discussed in the Transportation Analysis prepared for this project by Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc., a copy of which is on file with Monterey County.

Relationship to Previous Permits - Various aspects of the current proposal would amend LUP policies affecting the intensity of use of the subject site for visitor accommodations and recreation and also conditions affecting the use of the Sawmill Gulch sand borrow site. Conditions of approval (see California Coastal Commission Coastal Development Permit No. 3-84-226) for development of the Spanish Bay Resort involving installation of public access improvements, dune restoration, riparian habitat reclamation, construction of two new road segments including an extension of Congress Road adjacent to area 8B. and future reclamation of Haul Road will be unaffected by the current proposal. However, the proposal will affect Conditions 6(c) and 28 of the referenced permit requiring reclamation of the Upper Sawmill Gulch site and its inclusion and management as part of the Huckleberry Hill Natural Habitat Area. Therefore amendments to these conditions are proposed in order to facilitate relocation of the existing Equestrian Center from the site of the proposed golf course (LUP areas MNOUV) to the Upper Sawmill Gulch area. Similarly, Conditions 8, 9 and 10 of County permit PC-5202 will also require amendment. An amendment to the LCP is proposed by Measure A to allow the site to be used for Open Space Recreation uses (see Equestrian Center Discussion below).

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