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The existing facilities at The Lodge at Pebble Beach occupy approximately 35 acres on several parcels and include guestrooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, retail shops, spa facilities, banks, service station, and nearby recreational opportunities including golf, tennis, and hiking and equestrian trails.

The existing General Development Plans for this area include The Lodge, comprising 161 guestrooms with an additional five guestrooms at Fairway One house, 24 guestrooms at Casa Palmero, and the Beach and Tennis Club. The Lodge complex is located on 17 Mile Drive approximately 1.5 miles north of the lower Cannel Gate entrance to Del Monte Forest. The property is zoned Coastal General Commercial and Visitor Serving Commercial ["CGC(CZ)" and "VSC(CZ)", respectively].

The purpose of the project is to expand options for visitor serving accommodations at The Lodge, increase the efficiency of service to Lodge patrons, and improve accessibility to services for residents, guests, and visitors to this area of the Del Monte Forest.

The proposed project consists of several components:

  • Construction of a 20-unit guestroom building, "The Colton Building", fronting the south side of the 1st Fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links. Access to the new building is from the existing driveway off Cypress Drive. The parking displaced by this building (32 spaces) along with the parking required for the new building (20 spaces) will be provided in an under-round park-in- structure located under the new Fairway One building. See Exhibit B-1 for site statistic details.

  • Removal of the existing 5 guestroom Fairway One House and adjacent Cart Barn and construction of 43 guestrooms over a 149 space underground parking garage. Guestrooms will front the north side of the 1st Fairway of Pebble Beach Golf Links directly opposite the proposed Colton Building. This component will involve removal of the existing golf cart storage facility and, if necessary, a lot line adjustment with an adjacent parcel to accommodate the location of proposed structures. Golf cart storage will be relocated to occupy a portion of the underground parking facility. The architectural design of the new Fairway One House will be consistent with residential development in the Forest. See Exhibit B-2 for site statistic details.

  • Renovation and addition to the existing meeting facility will add +/-500 sf of meeting room space to the existing 5,000 sf meeting room facility and +/-3,250 sf of additional back of the house support areas. The improvements will result in more efficient meeting space, a protected entrance, and a covered service corridor for staff access to individual meeting rooms, banquet preparation areas, and storage. An elevator is proposed to provide handicap access to other areas of The Lodge. Pedestrian circulation and accessibility is enhanced. See Exhibit B-3 for- site statistic details.

  • Realignment of parking and circulation around the existing Lodge meeting facility and construction of a new underground 224 space parking garage to serve guests, visitors, and employees. Circulation improvements are intended to improve resident and visitor access to parking and provide a safe access for pedestrians between parking areas and Lodge visitor-serving uses. See Exhibit B-4 for site statistic details, and Exhibit B-5 for parking summary.

  • The grading plan for all the improvements at The Lodge at Pebble Beach indicates an excavation of roughly 22,000 cy of excess soil to be removed from the project site, primarily due to the excavation of the underground parking behind the bank buildings (8,500 cy) and the underground parking at the Fairway One Complex (13,500 cy) There is minimal excavation required for the meeting facility addition or the Colton Building, other than foundation and footing material. Although this material can likely be used as topsoil or other beneficial use within the Del Monte Forest, this material could be transported either to the Marina Landfill or, if needed for fill, to the new golf course site. A truck route has been established for the hauling of soils off-site to the Marina Landfill (17 Mile Drive to northbound Highway 1). The construction impact is discussed in the Transportation Analysis prepared for this project by Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc., a copy of which is on file with Monterey County.

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