10-26-06 - County Planning Commission forwarded the 4th GENERAL PLAN to the Board of Supervisors. The vote was 7-2 with Commissioners Vandevere and Diehl casting the dissenting votes. Vandevere said the proposed plan would allow far more development of good farmland than necessary to meet housing needs. Diehl said the plan would allow too much growth without addressing infrastructure woes faced already by county residents. The proposed plan potentially affects all property in unincorporated areas, except for land in the coastal zone. Current coastal zone plans will stay the same because the county doesn't want the plan process to be subject to Coastal Commission scrutiny.

The Board of Supervisors will begin hearings next month. Concerned residents are urged to attend the hearings and to provide input regarding this important document which will be a blueprint for development in the county for years to come,

The 1984 Del Monte Forest Area Land Use Plan was created to establish POLICIES and ZONING for the development of the Forest. This Plan has not be updated.

The Monterey County Planning Department decided, in 1993, that a new County-Wide General Plan should be written to include all areas of the County, including the Del Monte Forest, Carmel Valley and other areas that have previously been covered by individual Land Use Plans.

During the past six years the County has spent an estimated $6 million on several drafts of a new 20-year General Plan for the unincorporated areas of the County. This plan, known as GPU4, is expected to be finalized late in 2006.

However, a final General Plan will not be produced until decisions are made on two pending issues:

- The General Plan Initiative.
A controlled growth version of a 20-year Plan.

• CLICK here to see the Monterey County General Plan pages on this Web Site for current status.)


- The Pebble Beach Company’s Measure “A” Initiative.
A Major Amendment No. 1-05 to the Monterey County Coastal Program/
Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan

• CLICK here to see the California Coastal Commission pages on this Web Site for current status.

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