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5-14-07 - More on why you should write to Senate pro Tem Don Perata in Sacramento urging that Sara Wan be re-appointed to the California Coastal Commission.

Sara Wan has served with distinction on the Coastal Commission since 1996, including as the chairperson for several years. She was last re-appointed by Senator John Burton and the term expires on May 19, 2007. It is essential that Senator Perata re-appoint her to serve another term. Ms. Wan brings professional expertise to the Commission, as she has degrees in Zoology and Biology. Moreover, her ten years of experience on the Commission has been a priceless resource for Californians and it must be retained. Sara is expert on how the Commission does its business and is superb at assimilating the massive amounts of documentation for the projects and plans that come before the Commission.

The make-up of the Commission is precarious and pro-development forces often win in close votes. Therefore, re-appointment of Sara is critical to those who love the California coast. In short, if you care about protecting and restoring the coast, you could not have a better representative than Sara Wan on this most important of state agencies

5-10-07 - A SIERRA CLUB notification regarding Coastal Commissioner Sara Wan's re-appointment.

Write a letter urging President pro Tem Senator Don Perata to re-appoint Sara Wan to the Commission.

  • See a message from the Sierra Club regarding Sara Wan's qualifications and experience.
  • See a sample letter to Senator Peralta.
  • Visit the Sierra Club website to "Tell a Friend".

From: Mark Massara [mailto:savethecoast@sierraclub.org]
Re: Help Keep Coastal Champion Sara Wan on the Coastal Commission

As you know, the California Coastal Commission is the state agency overseeing development on all 1,100 miles of our precious coastline. Half of the twelve Commissioners are local elected officials, and the other half are open seats. Who sits in these seats can make all the difference for our coast. For a recent example, we need to look no farther back than this month's hearing to stop a massive and polluting Liquefied Natural Gas terminal from being built off the coast of Malibu and Oxnard. Of all twelve Commissioners, one person stood out- Commissioner Sara Wan - for doing the research and standing up to the multi-national corporation looking to further industrialize our fragile coast.  Unfortunately, unless we take action today, Sara Wan could be off this critical Commission.

Commissioner Wan's term expires in June and her re-appointment rests in the hands of the President pro Tem of the California State Senate, Senator Don Perata. Please send this letter to Senator Perata and call his office today at (916) 651-4009. Leave the message urging him to re-appoint Coastal Champion Sara Wan to the Commission.

Thanks for your help


To: Senate President pro Tem Don Perata
Subject: Please Re-appoint Sara Wan to the California Coastal Commission

Dear Senator Perata,

I am writing to strongly urge you to re-appoint Sara Wan to the California Coastal Commission. Ms. Wan has irreplaceable experience from serving on this most critical of state bodies for ten years. She is a tireless worker, being extremely well-prepared for all the Commission meetings and her attendance record is superb. She brings an academic background to the position and is superb at assimilating the massive amounts of documentation for the projects and plans that come before the Commission.

The make-up of the Commission is always precariously balanced and every decision they make can affect generations of Californians. That is why we are asking you to re-appoint a true champion of the Coastal Act and keep her experience and integrity working for those who love the coast.



Visit this "Tell-A-Friend" web page on the Sierra Club website to tell your friends about this.


Pebble Beach Update
Supervisors vote in favor of mystery project

In December, as requested by the Pebble Beach Company, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors voted to rescind their March 15, 2005 approval of Measure A and the massive Pebble Beach Company golf course/buildings expansion project. The Supervisors also voted in favor of a resolution of intent to approve the project once it returns to the Board. Since PBC hasn't revealed what that revised project will consist of, the Supervisors actually voted to support some future project that has yet to be described or analyzed.
The Supervisors actually voted to support some future project that has yet to be described or analyzed.

That March hearing, two years ago, was attended by many local and national environmental groups and private citizens harshly critical of this destructive plan to cut down 18,000 trees and destroy the wetland and forest habitat for several endangered and threatened species. The hearing went on for hours and included a statement from the California Coastal Commission Chair, Meg Caldwell, explaining the impropriety of the Board's approving Measure A before it went to the Coastal Commission for certification.

The pro-development Board disregarded all these concerns and heartily approved Measure A and the project. Following Board of Supervisors' approval, nearly two dozen appeals with the Coastal Commission were filed including one from the Ventana Chapter. Since then, there have been over a hundred stories in the State, national, and international press, largely unflattering to the project. The primary focus of these articles has been about backroom politicians maneuvering to replace responsible Coastal Commissioners with ones who favor the Pebble Beach project.

The majority of the 200 people who showed up for the March 2006 Coastal Commission hearing spoke against the project. The Commission staff gave compelling reasons why this project violated the Coastal Act. The matter was continued to the June meeting, but fearing denial, the Pebble Beach Company withdrew their proposal.

Now we have an approval, sight unseen, from the Board. This latest action is typical of the control and power the Pebble Beach Company has over the Supervisors.


10-20-06 - Sierra Club proposes a public forum in Pebble Beach wherein the public and the California Coastal Commission can offer suggestions and guidelines for the inevitable future development of Del Monte Forest.

The Concerned Residents throughout Monterey County are urged to write to the Commission about the future of Del Monte Forest. Address your concerns to:

Meg Caldwell, Chair
California Coastal Commission
Stanford Law School
559 Nathan Abbott Way
Owen House Room 6
Stanford, CA 94305-8610

The Sierra Club has provided proposed wording that urges Ms. Caldwell to host a workshop or public forum in which the public and the Commission can offer suggestions for the future development of Del Monte Forest.

Sierra Club Named America's Most Effective Environmental Organization

The Sierra Club is America's most effective advocate for our environment according to a survey funded by the Aspen Institute, a nonpartisan public policy group located in Washington, C.C.

The Sierra Club came out on top among Republicans and Democrats alike--receiving twice as much support as the next closest environmental group and more than any of our well-heeled opponents that lobby to weaken environmental safeguards.

So, when you support the Sierra Club, you join an organization that will make our voice heard in Washington's halls of power on the environmental issues that matter to you most.

CLICK here to join Sierra Club by filling out their membership form (external link).

March, 2006 - Mark Massara, Director, Sierra Club's Coastal Programs presented a summary of problems associated with Pebble Beach Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative that, if approved by the Commissioners, would change Policies and Zoning in the Del Monte Forest Local Coastal Plan/Land Use Plan.

CLICK here to read his five page document, "Measure A - Facts You Should Know" (on this website).

2-18-06 - Sierra Club members and other concerned residents hiked through Del Monte Forest Saturday, February 18th to view the area of P.B. Co.'s proposed new golf course and other sites where excessive commercial development projects are proposed. Mark Massara of the Sierra Club's Great Coastal Places campaign led the tour. He explained where the 17,000 trees will be cut down if the Coastal Commission approves the P.B. Co.'s proposed projects. He also urged all concerned members and residents to attend the Coastal Commission Public Hearing on P.B. Co.'s Initiative, Measure "A", tentatively scheduled for March 9th in Monterey.

Sierra Club invites you to join members & others
in a tour/hike in DEL MONTE FOREST

Saturday. February 18, 2006 Meet at 10:00 AM
at City of Monterey’s Veteran Memorial Park
(from Pacific Street take Jefferson Street up the hill to Veterans Drive into the Park)

Mark Massara of the Club’s Great Coastal Places campaign will be at the Park to talk about the Sierra Club’s and other organization’s opposition to Pebble Beach Co’s. plans to cut down 17,000 trees for another golf course, (8th in the Forest), and other commercial developments in beautiful Del Monte Forest.

At that time, Mark will tell us When and Where to meet in Del Monte Forest later in the morning. Plan to join us and learn what you can do to help protect 17,000 threatened Monterey Pine trees from being cut down for another high-end commercial golf course.

Monterey County is one of California’s great coastal places, offering something for everyone - surfing, hiking, horseback riding and enjoying the quiet areas for relaxation. The County has at least 20 golf courses where golfers can enjoy a day on the links and acres of undeveloped land. Today visitors can visit the undeveloped forest land where nature lovers can experience California’s rapidly disappearing “wild coast”. But this balance, delicately preserved for decades, is at risk with a developer’s proposal to cut down 17,000 threatened Monterey pine trees to build what they have ironically named “The Forest (golf) Course”.

Sierra Club, starting with John Muir himself, has worked for over 100 years to protect the Del Monte Forest - the largest natural coastal forest of Monterey pines left in the world - and all the endangered plants and animals which call the forest home.

Final decision on Pebble Beach Co’s. pending applications are expected soon. The California Coastal Commission is expected to hold public hearings in Monterey in early March, 2006 on the proposed commercial development plans.

Join us Saturday, Feb. 18th for a fun and easy tour or hike/walk to experience the beauty of this threatened coastal forest! Bring your lunch and enjoy the day!

To R.S.V.P. call D’Anne Albers at 831-402-8144.

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