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LCP Policies 120-145; CIP Section 20.147.030; Coastal Act Section 30210,
LUP Figures 15 (Recreational Facilities) and 16 (Shoreline Access)

The goal of these policies is to provide public access to the shoreline while balancing the need to protect the environment, public safety, and protect the rights of landowners and residents.

Provisions of public access to the Del Monte Forest have been a long standing tradition of the Pebble Beach Company and its predecessors. One of Pebble Beach Company's predecessors, the Pacific Improvement Company (a division of the Southern Pacific Rail Road Company), began work on what is now known as 17 Mile Drive in June of 1880. The June 2, 1881, edition of the Salinas Weekly Index proclaimed it "...the finest drive in the United States ... traverses an endless scene of beauty and grandeur..." Guided tours of Del Monte Forest, including picnic lunches at what is now the 18th green at Pebble Beach Golf Links, were available for guests of the Del Monte Lodge in Monterey (now the Naval Postgraduate School). Bicycle paths were first installed in the summer of 1896. In December of 1900, fees were charged to enter the gates ($0.25/vehicle) to help defray the cost of maintenance; however, bicyclists, horseback riders and walkers were (and still are) allowed free entry.

Since that time, Pebble Beach Company has added to these early access components by

The construction of three resort complexes (The Lodge, The Inn, and Casa Palmero) where overnight accommodations, three championship and one 9-hole par 3 golf courses, restaurants, shops, an equestrian center, trails; scenic overlooks and vista points; public restrooms; and the like, all of which are open and available to the public.

Numerous affordable visitor serving opportunities currently exist throughout the Del Monte Forest. consistent with the provisions of the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan. Pebble Beach Company supports and promotes various facilities at no, low, or moderate cost to the public:

  • Stillwater Cove has public beach access, including restroom facilities with showers for divers/beach users and reservable parking.
  • Nearly 10 miles of Class II (marked) recreational bicycle lanes traverse much of the Del Monte Forest; improvements continue to be made to the bike trail system as part of PBC's ongoing operations and bicyclists enter the Del Monte Forest free of charge.
  • Public educational and scenic observation points are available along 17 Mile Drive (including picnic benches, educational signage, and public restrooms).
  • A public pedestrian path runs from the north riparian area at Spanish Bay to Bird Rock: pedestrians enter the Del Monte Forest free of charge.
  • Roughly 27 miles of marked hiking and equestrian trails traverse the Del Monte Forest; improvements to the trail system continue to be made as part of our ongoing operations; and hikers and horseback riders enter the Del Monte Forest free of charge.
  • An Equestrian Center is open to the public, including tourists, hotel guests, area residents, and school children.
  • The Pebble Beach and Spyglass Driving Ranges and Peter Hay Par-3 Golf Course are open to the public. There is no charge to area schools offering programs for students and/or youth groups that utilize the driving ranges while under supervision. Nearby, at Peter Hay Par-3 golf course, the current charge for all day usage is $20 for adults, $5 for children aged 13-17, and free for children under 13. The golf courses themselves are the home courses for area high schools and are made available to the schools for competition and practice on a regular basis free of charge.
  • Public restaurants are available at The Lodge, The Inn, Spyglass Hill Golf Course, and The Links at Spanish Bay.
  • Public markets are available at both The Lodge and immediately outside the Pacific Grove gate entrance.
  • Over 500,000 vehicles tour 17 Mile Drive each year (there is a modest fee charmed to cars and tour buses; school groups may enter at no charge). Along 17 Mile Drive, public restrooms are available at Bird Rock scenic information overlook and The Lodge.
  • Special Events like the annual AT&T-Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Golf Tournament are open to the public with a ticket purchase that benefit local charities.
  • The Company's championship golf courses have been used for national and state amateur championships on numerous occasions.


Additional and/or enhanced public access is planned as a component of The Del Monte Forest Preservation & Development Plan as follows:

  • The proposed Golf Course and Facilities - The golf course will provide an average of 160 daily rounds of golf for visitors wishing to engage in this outdoor recreational activity within the Del Monte Forest. The expanded Pebble Beach Driving Range facilities will provide enhanced golf practice facilities for visitors. Public restrooms will be available at both the new course and the expanded Pebble Beach Driving Range. The course will also have a trail around its perimeter to replace existing trails that currently originate at the equestrian center. This trail will connect to an existing, trail segment in the dune area of Signal Hill, which in turn connects with the beach just south of Bird and Seal Rock.
  • The Pebble Beach Lodge Complex - There are no impacts to visual or physical public access to the shoreline with this project. With the completion of the Casa Palmero project, substantial public trail improvements were completed at Peter Hay Golf Course and from The Lodge to Stillwater Cove. The additional guestrooms at The Lodge and the Golf Cottages will allow more overnight visitors the opportunity to visit the coastal and scenic resources in Del Monte Forest. The project will also provide additional short-term visitor parking at The Lodge via the underground parking and dedicated handicap parking areas.
  • The Spanish Bay Complex - This project will provide additional guestrooms, meeting facilities, and parking for visitors to the Del Monte Forest. The new driving range and teaching facility at Spanish Bay will be available for public recreational golf practice.
  • The Equestrian Center - The relocation of the Equestrian Center uses will result in enhanced equestrian facilities as well as improved access to the existing trails in Huckleberry Hill and a trail segment connecting to Spanish Bay Beach.
  • Residential Lots - All trails adjacent to or currently within the areas of the proposed residential lots will either be maintained or relocated so as to continue to connect to existing trails for hikers and equestrians.

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