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4-4-07 - The JUNE ‘07 BALLOT will include three important Measures about a new GENERAL PLAN for the unincorporated areas of MONTEREY COUNTY and the proposed Butteryfly Village development in North Salinas area.

3-29-07 - Coastal Commission to vote on extending TIME LIMIT for one year to MAY 22, 2008 for Commission ACTION on Pebble Beach Co.'s Measure A" Initiative, Major Zoning and Policy changes in Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan - Amendment No 1-07. See Commission Notice and Memorandum for the April 11, 2007 public hearing in Santa Barbara.

3-24-07 - According to Charles Lester, Coastal Commission Deputy Director, Commission Public Hearings should be held in June, July, or August on PEBBLE BEACH CO.'s MEASURE "A" Initiative. This voter-approved Amendment to the Local Coastal Program includes major policy and ZONING CHANGES in the Del Monte Forest. The Commission Staff has not changed its position that Measure "A" zoning would be at odds with the Coastal Act.

3-24-07 - A new comparison of the COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN and the COUNTY SUPERVISORS' GPU4 PLAN has been prepared by the League of Women Voters. Read it and you will be convinced to VOTE for the Community General Plan.

3-23-07 - LandWatch has issued a Membership Alert letter, "Critical Measures on the June 2007 ballot".

3-15-07 - Use FACTS in your Letter to the Editor about the COUNTY GENERAL PLAN.

3-14-07 - Voters will be able to VOTE ON THREE (3) different County GENERAL PLAN MEASURES in JUNE. Keep in touch with this Web Site and the LandWatch Web Site for more information that may become available before the June election.

2-26-07 - Roster of California Coastal Commissioners has recently changed. On February 13th the Governor replaced Meg Caldwell with Steve Gary Blank,who is on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, Hass School of Business. On June 1, 2006 Khatchik Achadjian was selected as the South Central Coast Representative to replace Dan Secord, M.D. from Santa Barbara.

2-22-07 - The Environmental Impact Report for the County's GPU4 General Plan for the Monterey County unincorporated area is the focus of a lawsuit filed on February 2 by LandWatch and several other organizations. It does not fully reflect the impact of potential future development allowed under the plan according to Chris Fitz, Executive Director of LandWatch.

2-15-07 - Voters may now read and compare these two general plans online, the Community General Plan Initiative and the General Plan Update 4.

2-15-07 - Development is taking over California farm land, "setting a new state record for loss of farm land", according to manager of the Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program of the Calif. Dept. of Conservation.

2-15-07 - Interesting new letters to the Herald's Editor on the Supervisors' new General Plan are worth reading.

2-14-07 - Your help is needed to correct the lies that are being spread about the LandWatch organization and the need for fair and sensible land use planning in Monterey County.

2-14-07 - The Petition covering a Referendum against the County Supervisors' new General Plan, GPU4, has been certified and accepted by the Supervisors for placement on the June 5th ballot. On February 27th Supervisors will consider whether to immediately repeal GPU4 or to place the Referendum on the ballot. Yesterday the Supervisors also approved an interim ordinance that would delay any new major rural subdivisions until after the special June election.

1-23-07 - On January 23, 2007 the County Supervisors directed their staff to RE-INITIATE the process of obtaining COASTAL COMMISSION CERTIFICATION of P.B. Co.'s MEASURE"A" INITIATIVE, a Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment, including their Resolution No. 07-024, to the California Coastal Commission for commission consideration.

1-18-07 - Pebble Beach Co. has not abandoned its pursuit of developing property in Del Monte Forest. Recent correspondence from the Coastal Commission staff indicates the Company continues to pursue their FOREST PRESERVATION and DEVELOPMENT PLAN (PDP) PROJECTS at the COUNTY level.

1-17-07 - Have you signed the Referendum PETITION on the County Supervisor's Update #4 of their version of a Proposed new COUNTY GENERAL PLAN? 9000 voter signatures are required to allow a third measure on the June ballot that asks voters whether or not they like the Supervisor's approved version of a General Plan. Locations where you can sign the PETITION are listed on a separate page on this website.

1-17-07 - County voters will have an opportunity in June to vote on three different measures associated with a new GENERAL PLAN. That PLAN will cover the rural growth over the next 20 years for unincorporated areas of the County. A final lineup of Measures for the June ballot won't be definite until a Feb 27th hearing in the U.S. District Court on two pending land-use lawsuits.

1-10-07 - All County voters who want controlled growth for the next 20 years are urged to sign the new petition - a referendum on the Supervisors' developer-friendly, recently approved County GENERAL PLAN. With enough signatures, the June ballot will include a new measure to stop the County's PLAN - a recipe for urban sprawl. Signatures are being obtained at various locations in the County.

1-04-07 - The fourth update of Monterey County's GENERAL PLAN was approved by the Supervisors on Wednesday, January 3rd. They also voted to place the Alternate CONTROLLED GROWTH GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE on the June Ballot along with their PLAN.

Opponents of the Supervisors' Plan vowed to immediately kick off a referendum campaign to put another measure on the June Ballot to overturn the Supervisor's Plan. If enough signatures are collected the Supervisors' Plan would be held in abeyance. If not, the Supervisors' Plan would be the County's basic land-use law for several months before the election in which voters could decide to repeal it.

1-2-07 - COUNTY SUPERVISORS expected to vote on their 20-year GENERAL PLAN for future growth in unincorporated areas of the County at Wednesday's public meeting, January 3, in Salinas.

1-1-07 - More letters to the Herald Editor on action taken by COUNTY SUPERVISORS and LAFCO on proposed development in MONTEREY COUNTY.



12-31-06 - New views on the County's TWENTY YEAR General Plan in today's Herald.

12-23-06 - Monterey County SUPERVISORS willing to place BOTH their own General Plan (GPU4) and ALSO the voter initiative Community (slow growth) General Plan on June ballot.

12-20-06 - COUNTY SUPERVISORS will consider putting their proposed 20-year GENERAL PLAN and the SLOW-GROWTH COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN (Initiative) on the BALLOT for COUTY VOTERS at the next appropriate election date. Supervisors will hold a public hearing January 3, 2007 to approve their version of the Plan.

12-14-06 - Coastal Commissioners approved Pebble Beach Co's plan to build a seawall below the 5th green on P. B. Golf Links. The 160-foot seawall will head off erosion of the bank at the shoreline in the area.

12-14-06 - "Supervisors are determined to force (this) wasteful development on residents by any means necessary" -- a line in Carolyn Anderson's Letter to the Editor in today's Herald. Since the October 21 Editorial, "Board vote on C. V. as example of arrogance", and the November 25 Editorial, "Board clearly ignoring voters", the residents in Monterey County have written more than 28 letters to the Editor with strong opposition to actions of the Supervisors.

12-13-06 - Possible "Shoot-out" over COUNTY GENERAL PLAN and the slow-growth COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN (Initiatiave) at the ballot box.

12-11-06 - The Coastal Commission staff recommends approval of the PEBBLE BEACH CO's proposed SEAWALL along the coastal bluff below the Fifth Hole of the PB Co. Golf Links Course. Commissioners will review the application Wednesday, December 13th at their public hearing meeting in San Francisco.

12-11-06 - The Monterey County BOARD OF SUPERVISORS "need to listen" and have made decisions that provide "grounds for recall" according to some County residents. These quotations and others criticize the Supervisors in recent Letters to the Herald Editor. They cover concerns about the Supervisors' action on: INCORPORATION OF CARMEL VALLEY, COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN, and PEBBLE BEACH COMPANY'S WITHDRAWL OF MEASURE "A".

12-7-06 - Supervisors endorsed a new idea for Monterey County's 4th version of the 20-year GENERAL PLAN during their recent meeting. This new idea would make it tougher for cities in the Salinas Valley to encroach onto prime farmland.

12-7-06 - County SUPERVISORS voted themselves a couple of RAISES IN PAY last Tuesday. Next year they will be receiving more than $100,000 per year.

12-6-06 - As reported earlier on this website, on December 5th County Supervisors rescinded their earlier approval of Pebble Beach Co.'s major commercial expansion plans in Del Monte Forest that included another new golf course, new Equestrian Center, additional hotel rooms, conference rooms, underground parking garages, new golf cottages and 30 new lots.

12-6-06 - The California Coastal Commission District Manager, Steve Monowitz, sent Monterey County Supervisors a Dec. 4th letter which provided important information for the Supervisor's concerning any future PB Co. development plans. The letter makes it very clear that the proposed Measure A Local Coastal Plan amendment is INCONSISTENT with the Coastal Act and refers to their June 14, 2006 recommendation to the Commissioners to DENY this proposed amendment. The letter also indicates they believe that there are significant opportunities for potential new visitor-serving redevelopment in the Forest that can be accomplished without adversely impacting sensitive coastal resources.

12-1-06 - Proposed widening of Holman Highway between Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula and Highway One discussed in a public meeting on November 30. Some Pebble Beach residents expressed concern with increased noise with two more highway lanes near their homes.

11-27-06 - PEBBLE BEACH COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (PBCSD) improves their website and “District News” publications with quality graphics and valuable new information.

11-28-06 - PEBBLE BEACH COMPANY DEVELOPMENT PLANS (2001 Applications) to be on County Board of Supervisors December 5th agenda at 10:30 a.m. . The PB Co. and the County Planner for this project, Carl Holm, will ask the Supervisors to rescind their final approval of Coastal Development Permit, 2001 Applications for their Del Monte Forest development plans. The PB Co. will then ask the Coastal Commissioners to review their Measure “A” Initiative (rezoning of Del Monte Forest.) Later they will resubmit modified development plans to the County.

11-26-06 - Another GENERAL PLAN story in the Commentary section of today's Herald. "A map to nowhere" and "Obsessing over details has effectively replaced public policy with regulation and has served to feed, rather than finish this protracted mess." These are lines found in this informative article.

11-25-06 - Monterey County SUPERVISORS WERE ELECTED TO LISTEN AND LEAD, NOT TO DICTATE! Today's "Herald's View' sends an important message to all concerned residents, service clubs, everyone who believes in fair play and democracy and to the County Supervisors.

11-22-06 - GENERAL PLAN (Controlled Growth) INITIATIVE goes back to the U.S. District Court judge in San Jose. On Monday, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the case to be reheard.

11-22-06 - County Supervisors continue PUBLIC HEARINGS on their GENERAL PLAN (GPU4). A policy requiring mitigation measures from developers and cities was strongly opposed at Tuesday's Hearing. Next Hearings scheduled for December 5, 6, 12 with final action to be taken on December 19.

11-14-06 - Board of Supervisors Public Hearing on COUNTY GENERAL PLAN began today with a briefing on the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Next Hearings are tentatively set for Nov. 21 and Dec. 5, 6, 12, and 19th. This is the fourth version of the 20-year growth plan for the County.

11-01-06 - Caltrans and City of Monterey have scheduled a PUBLIC HEARING for November 30, 2006 in City of Monterey Council Chambers on the Intent to adopt an EIR on planned widening of Holman Highway (State Route 68) in area of Community Hospital and Pebble Beach Hwy #1 Gate.

11-03-06 - Backers of the GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE are awaiting a decision by the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to expedite a decision which would allow county voters to decide on the plan for Monterey County's unincorporated areas.

10-31-06 - LandWatch Monterey County has released a Newsletter about the recent County decisions on changing the plans for giving the Carmel Valley citizens an opportunity to vote on INCORPORATION. County government officials have hijacked the democratic process again.

10-29-06 - Letter to Herald's Editor - "Protect Native Species" from Mark Massara, Sierra Club, provides important facts concerning Alan Williams' comments in the Herald's Oct. 23rd story about the survivability of Yadon Piperia orchids. Williams indicated Pebble Beach Co. is working with Monterey County on a revised plan for their Major Commercial Development plans in the Del Monte Forest.

10-26-06 - County Planning Commission forwarded the 4th GENERAL PLAN to the Board of Supervisors. The vote was 7-2 with Commissioners Vandevere and Diehl casting the dissenting votes. Vandevere said the proposed plan would allow far more development of good farmland than necessary to meet housing needs. Diehl said the plan would allow too much growth without addressing infrastructure woes faced already by county residents. The proposed plan potentially affects all property in unincorporated areas, except for land in the coastal zone. Current coastal zone plans will stay the same because the county doesn't want the plan process to be subject to Coastal Commission scrutiny.

10-23-06 - Pebble Beach Co. now working with Monterey County to RESUBMIT a format (for new development projects in Del Monte Forest) that will be more consistent with Coastal Commission standards, per Alan Williams. The U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to designate more than 2,300 acres (including areas in P.B. Co. property) as critical habitat because of existing Yadon Piperia. This native plant was designated as an endangered species six years ago. It is a wild orchid plant with small white flowers on a slender stalk.

10-20-06 - Sierra Club proposes a public forum in Pebble Beach wherein the public and the California Coastal Commission can offer suggestions and guidelines for the inevitable future development of Del Monte Forest.

10-13-06 - California Highway Patrol (CHP) will significantly increase vehicle code enforcement in Pebble Beach starting October 16th.

9-25-06 - Monterey County 4TH DRAFT GENERAL PLAN UPDATE (GPU4) requires your public input. It is incomplete and includes significant errors and omissions. All Concerned Residents are urged to write to Mike Novo, Interim County Planning Director, 168 West Alisal St. 2nd floor, Salinas, CA 93901. Let him know you are aware of the problems in the DEIR and GPU4 that are outlined in the LandWatch letter to members.

9-20-06 - The full U.S. Circuit of Appeals ruled (14-1) on Tuesday that election materials (petitions) are not required to be printed in other languages (such as Spanish.) The Monterey COUNTY COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN initiative and the referendum to stop the BUTTERFLY VILLAGE in the Rancho San Juan area north of Salinas may now go before the voters in special elections by January, 2007.

7-18-06 - On Wednesday July 19, 2006 County Planning Commissioners begin a series of several public hearings on the update of the old 1982 COUNTY GENERAL PLAN. The fourth version of the plan has lead to controversies over farmland conservation, environmental protections, housing policies and rural growth areas.

7-11-06 - Today David Dillworth, Exec. Director of the Helping Our Peninsula's Environment (HOPE) sent a formal e-mail request and complaint to Monterey County Supervisors concerning their action of withdrawing Measure "A" (P.B. Co.'s LCP zoning changes) from the June 14th Coastal Commission agenda.

6-23-06 - No decision yet on placing the COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE on a future ballot. Yesterday, in San Francisco, a full panel of U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judges discussed the question of requiring Spanish as well as English on petition forms, but gave no indication when they will rule on the matter.

6-17-06 - Two more well-written letters to the Herald's Editor today. "Measure A affront" by Carl E. Nielsen (Co-Chair of Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County) and "Expect a media blitz" by Phillips Wylly. They cover Pebble Beach Company's and Monterey County Supervisors' last-minute action to withdraw the Measure "A" Initiative from the scheduled public hearing by the Coastal Commissioners.

6-16-06 - At the Coastal Commission public hearing in Santa Rosa on June 14, Peter Douglas, Commission Executive Director said the Commission's Staff has spent thousands of hours preparing the P. B. Co.'s Measure "A" Staff Report. He estimated the County withdrawing the item from today's public hearing agenda cost $10,000 to $12,000. A representative from Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach reiterated Douglas' comments and added, "This is one more example of the Board of Supervisors making decisions at the expense of the taxpayers."

6-15-06 - "It is clear where Supervisor Potter stands... with the money people" is a line in another Letter to the Editor in the Herald today. Joseph Cicero's letter is worth reading.

6-15-06 - Monterey County Supervisors action to cancel their request for a Coastal Commission public hearing and decision on the P. B. Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative is questioned by many. This only cancels action on the proposed major zoning and policy changes in the Forest Land Use Plan covered in Measure "A". The P. B. Co.'s proposed development projects will take separate action later by the Commissioners and cannot be considered until Amendments are made to the LUP.

6-14-06 - Monterey County Supervisions, by a 4-0 urgency vote--without public notice--on Tuesday morning, requested Measure "A" to be removed from today's Coastal Commission agenda. Supervisor Dave Potter in a letter to the commission which stated there was too much confusion about what was before the Coastal Commission, that Measure A was being confused with the project itself. P.B. Co. attorney Tony Lombardo agreed with county officials, adding that the coastal staff report would have made it impossible to get a fair hearing. Commission Executive Director Peter Douglas commented on the delay by saying, "I have my suspicions, but the reality is there is no confusion about what is before the commission..." Douglas indicated the commissioners cannot take action but will meet and probably discuss the implcations of the delay. Public comments can be expected at the hearing regarding this matter.

6-14-06 - Comments by Commission Staff and Carl Nielsen have been transcribed from the tape recording of the June 14, 2006 Coastal Commission Public Hearing in Santa Rosa

6-13-06 - County sends an undated FAX to California Coastal Commission requesting Measure "A", a LCP amendment, be withdrawn from the June 14, 2006 Public Hearing agenda.

6-13-06 - MEASURE "A" WITHDRAWN FROM COASTAL COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARING. MONTEREY COUNTY SUPERVISORS' ACTION during their board meeting this morning voted to withdraw "Amendment No. MCO-1-05 to the Monterey County Local Coastal Program/Land Use Plan for the Del Monte Forest."

Dan Carl of the Coastal Commission staff reported the LCP will not be considered by the Coastal Commission at this public hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, June 14, 2006 in Santa Rosa.

6-13-06 - The Monterey County Herald recommends, "The plan should be denied ."

6-12-06 - New article in Los Angles Times restates, "… the Pebble Beach Co. has no legal entitlement to subdivide Monterey pine forest."

6-11-06 - Today's Herald newspaper story covers the showdown vote to be made on Wednesday, June 14th in Santa Rosa by state Coastal Commissioners on P. B. Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative, Amendment No. 1-05 to the County Local Coastal Program/Del Monte Forest LUP - which changes Zoning and Policies required to allow the Company's development plans.

6-09-06 - PB Co's attorney wrote to the Coastal Commission Chairperson on May 12th about "Mapping Errors" and zoning for the Upper and Lower Sawmill Gulch area where Scenic and Conservation easements were required as a condition for the Spanish Bay development in the mid 1980s.

6-09-06 - Pebble Beach Co. presents Development Project "Alternatives" to the Coastal Commission. The June 2nd Commission's Staff Report/Recommendation, provides the public with a copy of a May 26th letter from the PB Co's attorney to the Exec. Director of the Commission proposing changes in their development plans. These changes should not be considered at the June 14th public hearing which is only about Measure "A", a proposed Amendment No. 1-05 with major Zoning and Policy changes to the Monterey County Local Coastal Program/Del Monte Forest LUP.

6-09-06 - Today's Carmel Pine Cone newspaper provides facts about the PB Co's Measure "A" Initiative and the Coastal Commission's Staff recommendation to vote against the proposed major changes in Zoning and Policies for future development of the Del Monte Forest. It also includes information about a May 26th letter the PB Co's attorney sent to the Coastal Commission Exec. Director, Peter Douglas, outlining proposed "Alternatives" in their proposed development projects including another site proposed for the new equestrian center.
6-07-09 - Governor appoints a new COMMISSIONER to the COASTAL COMMISSION. KHATCHIK ACHADJIAN has been appointed to replace Dr. Dan Secord as the South Central Coast Representative. Contact him today. Urge him to vote No on the proposed Pebble Beach Co. major Amendment to the Monterey County Local Coastal Program/Del Monte Forest LUP (Measure "A") at the June 14th public hearing in Santa Rosa. His address: 1055 Monterey St. Room D-430, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408. Ph: 805-781-4337.

6-03-06 - Coastal Commission staff recommends DENIAL of Monterey County LCP Amendment 1-05 (Measure "A" in Del Monte Forest.) The Staff Report "W9a" dated June 2, 2006 for presentation at the Commissioner's public hearing on June 14th at the Fountain Grove Inn in Santa Rosa is now available.

6-03-06 - New letters to Coastal Commissioners with reasons why they should vote NO to P.B. Co's Measure "A" Initiative and expansion of commercial development projects in Del Monte Forest.

5-29-06 - "Corporate Greed" is the heading on a new letter to the Editor in today's Herald. More letters are expected as the California Coastal Commission's public hearing on Pebble Beach Co's Initiative, Measure "A" is scheduled in Santa Rosa for June 14th. It's not too late to send your opinion to the Commissioners about the proposed major expansion of commercial developments in Del Monte Forest.

5-18-06 - In response to the recent VANDALISM AND TRAFFIC PROBLEMS in the Forest, Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) Board has decided the District's jurisdiction should be expanded to include LAW INFORCEMENT SERVICE. The Local Agency Formation Commission of Monterey County is expected to consider the District's application to provide increased police service at its June 26th meeting. If approved, additional police services could begin in October or November.

April-May 2006 - CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSIONERS next Public Hearing on P.B. Co.'s MEASURE "A" INITIATIVE is now tentatively scheduled for WEDNESDAY JUNE 14th (not June 15th as previously posted) in Santa Rosa.

4-27-06 - The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco has scheduled a new hearing for June 22nd to review a prior ruling in the Padilla v. Lever case which required a recall petition to be printed in Spanish and English. The new decision will relate to the recently blocked COMMUNITY CONTROLLED-GROWTH GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE from being placed on the County ballot because the petition was not printed in Spanish.

4-22-06 - COMMUNITY CONTROLLED-GROWTH GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE and other potential ballot measures involve County Registrar of Voters, who has resigned. Officials learned Friday that the Community General Plan Initiative may have new life after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ordered a new hearing in Padilla v. Lever case concerning the need to have petitions printed in Spanish.

4-14-06 - More about the Community CONTROLLED GROWTH GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE. Various individuals and groups provide comments about what will happen to the Initiative and Board of Supervisors' draft of a (developers) Monterey County General Plan, dubbed PGU4.

4-09-06 - Monterey County General Plan (GPU4) and the Community Group's CONTROLLED GROWTH GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE - a compromise is needed.

4-06-06 - The 18 community organizations involved with the important ”Controlled-Growth County General Plan Initiative have not given up in their efforts to prohibit future”urban sprawl” in Monterey County.

3-27-06 - The Coastal Commission Staff has provided our organization with new Guidelines for communicating with the Commissioners.

3-21-06 - Today County Supervisors will receive the County's latest 150 page "Draft General Plan 2006" (the 4th version of the updated 20-year plan.) It should be on the County's website today. Also U.S. District Court Judge Ware is expected to hear arguments from attorneys today in San Jose on the two law suites associated with the Slow-growth General Plan Initiative.

3-20-06 - Today's' L.A. Times news story includes some interesting quotes. From Charles Lester, Coastal Commission Deputy Director, "Once something is identified as environmentally sensitive habitat, you just aren't allowed to develop it." From Alan Williams for P.B. Co., "It [the P.B. Co.] might be wiling to relocate the equestrian center to a less sensitive spot, for instance. But the golf course and guest suites will be harder to give up."

3-17-06 - Sara Christie, a legislation coordinator with the California Coastal Commission is quoted in a recent issue of the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. "The Coastal Act protects environmentally sensitive areas and the area we're talking about is entirely sensitive habitat. We don't see any way you can build a golf course in the area without negatively impacting this protected habitat."

3-14-06 - Community (Controlled-Growth) General Plan Initiative Committee now has a new website, www.montereyplan.org on the Internet with up-to-date news about the Initiative, the issues and the law suit.

3-10-06 - At the Public Hearing yesterday, March 9, 2006, the Coastal Commissioners and the public heard testimony from the commission's staff, Pebble Beach Co. representatives, a Monterey County representative, and individuals with comments for and against the Measure "A" Initiative.

2-25-06 - The California Coastal Commission Staff on February 24, 2006 released their letter (TH8b) to "Commissioners and Interested Persons" regarding the MONTEREY COUNTY LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAM MAJOR AMENDMENT NO. 1-05 (PEBBLE BEACH CO.'s MEASURE "A" INITIATIVE.)

This 81 page letter covers many of the major changes in the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan (Local Coastal Program.) However, it states "NO RECOMMENDATION FOR COMMISSION ACTION IS BEING MADE AT THIS TIME." The letter covers important facts about Measure "A" that will no doubt be discussed at the Commission's Public Hearing in Monterey on March 9th at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

8-19-06 - COUNTY GENERAL PLAN draft EIR identifies several "significant and unavoidable" impacts if the County grows as proposed in the draft General Plan. Agencies and the public have until October 6th to comment on the draft EIR.

8-16-06 - Legal decisions on placing the NORTH SALINAS PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT called BUTTERFLY VILLAGE on the November ballot still pending. On Tuesday a federal judge denied a motion to force the Board of Supervisors to place the referendum on Butterfly Village on the ballot. However, the 9th Circuit Court is still expected to make a decision on the need for referendum petitions to be printed in Spanish as well as English. An appellate decision is expected in a few weeks.

8-11-06 - COUNTY's LATEST UPDATE OF THE GENERAL PLAN now available. The Planning Commission will begin a series of Public Hearings on August 16th at 1:00 PM in Salinas. The Coastal Commission District Planner, Rick Hyman, sent the County Planning Director, Mike Novo, a letter on July 25th providing comments on the policies included in the recent updated General Plan.

8-11-06 - LANDWATCH MONTEREY COUNTY urges all concerned County residents to attend the Salinas City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 15, at 7:00 PM in the City Hall Rotunda, 200 Lincoln Avenue. Details of the GENERAL PLAN Fourth Update (GPU4) will be presented for comments on the many deficiencies and defects in this Plan. LandWatch calls this Update "A Plan for Sprawl!"

7-27-06 - Today the Co-Chairmen of Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County mailed a letter to the many supporters of the organization to provide an overview of the comments made at the Coastal Commission Public Hearing on June 14th in Santa Rosa. The County withdrawal of the P. B. Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative from the agenda of the hearing was disappointing to many.

7-20-06 - Planning Commissioners agreed at their meeting yesterday to obtain input from the Local Land Use Advisory Committees with their recomendations on the final rewirte of the fourth version of the MONTEREY COUNTY GENERAL PLAN.

7-19-06 - Monterey County Supervisors, Pebble Beach Co. and also the Herald reporters continue to provide the public with confusing stories about MEASURE "A", the P.B. Co. Initiative that voters approved in Nov. 2000.

  • Measure "A" does NOT cover an application for a development plan in Del Monte Forest.

  • However, Measure "A" DOES make MAJOR CHANGES IN ZONING AND LAND USE POLICIES for the LOCAL COASTAL PROGRAM (Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan.)

The Supervisors did NOT pull P.B. Co.'s plans from the Coastal Commissioners June 14th agenda" as reported in the Herald today. Only Measure "A" was withdrawn from the agenda by a last-minute request of the Supervisors. The P. B. Co. appears to have requested the Supervisors to withdraw Measure "A" as they felt the Commissioners would not approve it.

Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County believes the only way the Measure "A" major ZONING and POLICIES amendments can be changed is by going back to the voters and obtaining approval of new changes with another ballot measure.

3-14-06 - Community (Controlled-Growth) General Plan Initiative Committee now has a new website, www.montereyplan.org on the Internet with up-to-date news about the Initiative, the issues and the law suit.

3-08-06 - On Wednesday, March 8, 2006, the Coastal Commission Staff took the COMMISSIONERS on a TOUR of DEL MONTE FOREST to view the many areas where PB Co.'s commercial expansion projects are proposed and the LAND USE ZONING will be changed IF MEASURE"A" IS CERTIFIED.

3-08-06 - PETER DOUGLAS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION advised the Commissioners and the public at a briefing meeting before their tour of Del Monte Forest, that the Commissioners will probably be able to ACT ON THE MEASURE "A" INITIATIVE amendment to the Land Use Plan/Local Coastal Plan at a future meeting, probably in June when they meet in Santa Rosa.

3-05-06 - With which opinion on Measure "A" and the future of Del Monte Forest do you agree? Today's Herald story provides these opinions: "Measure 'A' is a good thing for the forest", or "It is over-commercialization of Del Monte Forest." Or do you agree with the Coastal commission Staff's opinion...(the proposed Pebble Beach Co. development plan) is "highly problematic because of the potential damage it would cause to the sensitive pine forest and to wetlands in Del Monte Forest." Attend the Coastal Commission Public Hearing at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Thursday, March 9, at 9:00 AM and give the Commissioners your opinion.

3-04-06 - Another letter to the Coastal Commission from long-time Forest property owners stresses the urgent need to save the historic Equestrian Center and Polo Field - the Community "Commons on the Green."

3-03-06 - SUPPORTERS of the Controlled-Growth GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE FILED SUIT IN THE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT late Wednesday, March 1, 2006. They say SUPERVISORS BROKE THE LAW by refusing to put the Measure on the ballot. They want the opportunity to take a STAND AGAINST SPRAWL.

3-02-06 - Today the Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County sent a letter to the Coastal Commission supporting their Staff recommendation: NO COMMISSION ACTION SHOULD BE TAKEN AT THE MARCH 9, 2006 PUBLIC HEARING on MEASURE "A". Staff requires more time to review the complex Major Amendments proposed for the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan/Local Coastal Plan covered in Pebble Beach Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative.

3-01-06 - MONTEREY COUNTY (CONTROLLED-GROWTH) GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE may not be on the June ballot. At the February 28th meeting Supervisors Lindley, Smith and Armenta voted against placing the Initiative on the ballot. Supervisors Potter and Calcagno dissented. Initiative proponents vow to sue the County to force the measure onto the ballot. Opponents of the Initiative threatened Supervisors with a lawsuit if they do put it on the ballot.

2-19-06 - Sierra Club members and other concerned residents hiked through Del Monte Forest Saturday, February 18th to view the area of P.B. Co.'s proposed new golf course and other sites where excessive commercial development projects are proposed. Mark Massara of the Sierra Club's Great Coastal Places campaign lead the tour. He explained where the 17,000 trees will be cut down if the Coastal Commission approves the P.B. Co.'s proposed projects. He also urged all concerned members and residents to attend the Coastal Commission Public Hearing on P.B. Co.'s Initiative, Measure "A", tentatively scheduled for March 9th in Monterey.

2-18-06 - Today Chris Fitz, Exective Director LandWatch Monterey County, advised our organization that the "Controlled Growth" Community General lnitiative Committee will soon have a new website up and available for viewers. The Committee's website will clearly reveal where the "Plan for the People" website provides incorrect information about the Initiative. Look for an update on this website soon.

2-16-06 - Today the "Plan for the People", a new coalition of Monterey County farmers, ranchers, residents, organized labor, hospitality, affordable housing and social justice advocates held their public meeting at the Portola Plaza Hotel, Monterey. This group calls the "Controlled Growth" General Plan Initiative a big mistake for the future. Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County do not agree with their well-financed opposition.

2-12-06 - Opposition to the Initiative for a controlled Growth County General Plan to be covered in a $50-a-seat conference at 8 a.m. Thursday at the Monterey Marriott. The conference is sponsored by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. Environmental and community groups not on panel of speakers.

2-10-06 - Sierra Club invites you to join members and others in a tour of Del Monte Forest on Saturday, February 18th. Enjoy a day on an easy tour or hike/walk to see the areas of the Forest that are threatened by the proposed Pebble Beach Co.'s proposed plans to cut down 17,000 trees for another golf course and other commercial development.

2-03-06- New letter from a landscape architect in Warrington, Virginia provides good reasons for not destroying the Historic Equestrian Center in Pebble Beach. "Bing Crosby's grand kids and kids rode here. Clint Eastwood's daughter rode here, Paul Anka's kids rode here, and I am sure I am missing some in that list." "Why don't they (PB Co.) renovate the old stable?"

2-01-06 - Decision by County Supervisors on placing the “restricted growth” General Plan Initiative on the ballot is being delayed until February 28. An independent report that will analyze the economic impacts and legal implications of the Initiative is expected by then.

1-31-06 - “Restricted growth” County General Plan Initiative qualifies for ballot. Voters will decide how Monterey County growth should be managed. The business and agricultural communities are expected to put up an aggressive fight opposing the Initiative. Board of Supervisors are expected to decide on placing this Initiative on the June ballot or holding off setting an election until it receives an independent analysis of the measure’s potential impact on the county..

1-19-06 - The proposed Butterfly Village development in Rancho San Juan area of north Salinas is likely to be placed on the June 6, 2006 primary ballot. County Supervisors were notified by the County elections chief, Tony Anchundo, that the foes of the development have obtained the required number of signatures--8,697--to force a referendum election. The Supervisors must set the election date or repeal its November 17, 2005 approval of the controversial 671-acre project.




12-23-05 - EACH CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSIONER received a small potted Monterey Pine tree decorated with hand-written notes/ornaments at their December 15th meeting in San Francisco. The Sierra Club representatives made the presentation of the small trees to highlight the adverse impact that will be created if the Commissioners approve PEBBLE BEACH CO.'s plan to CUT DOWN 17,000 MONTEREY PINES FOR ANOTHER GOLF COURSE IN DEL MONTE FOREST.

12-13-05 - The COMMUNITY GENERAL PLAN PETITIONS with over 15,000 signatures were submitted to the County on Monday. Supervisor Dave Potter said, "This is an early Christmas present to Monterey County." If 8,690 signatures are verified, this GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE will be on the June 2006 ballot.

12-13-05 - Update on MONTEREY COUNTY HORSE PARK in the Parker Flats area of FORT ORD.   Directors of the Monterey County Horse Park and County officials have now reached an agreement on a time line for building a 390-acre Horse Park.    Directors of the horse park group are confident they can raise the money for necessary environmental documentation. A June 7, 2004 report on this proposed Horse Park is found at "MONTEREY HORSE PARK NEWS" (on this website).

12-07-05 - Nearly 15,000 signatures of county voters obtained on the PETITION OPPOSING RANCHO SAN JUAN BUTTERFLY VILLAGE. County officials have 30 days to determine if the required signatures (about 8,700) are valid. This OPPOSITIION TO ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT will be on the June ballot if signatures are okay. Another PETITION to put a COUNTY GENERAL PLAN INITIATIVE (Controlled growth of development) on the June Ballot is being circulated by several organizations throughout the County.

11-29-05 - Supervisors voted (3 to 2) for a NEW standard in the proposed updated COUNTY 20-YEAR GENERAL PLAN that permits more traffic at peak times. Supervisors Potter and Calcagno cast dissenting votes.

11-23-05 - COUNTY 20-YEAR NEW GENERAL PLAN: Supervisors continue meeting on one version. Registered Voters continue to sign PETITIONS for Community Group INITIATIVE for CONTROLLED GROWTH PLAN. Supervisors to hire consultants to examine potential financial, environmental and legal impacts of proposed Plan covered by Initiative for June 2006 ballot.

11-22-05 -- New MONTEREY PINE PTICH CANKER report indicates the disease has leveled off. Mortality for infected trees now only about 5 percent, far lower than predicted.

11-15-05 - County's fourth DRAFT OF NEW 20-YEAR GENERAL PLAN received criticism by many at Supervisors' meeting on Monday, November 14, 2005. Their next meeting to discuss the General Plan is set for Monday, November 28, 2005.

11-15-05 - Gathering signatures for two new petitions covering INITIATIVES for the JUNE 2006 BALLOT is going well, according to Cris Fitz, Executive Director of LandWatch Monterey County. One petition is for a new CONTROLLED-GROWTH COUNTY GENERAL PLAN. Please read Supervisor Dave Potter's letter (on this website) urging registered voters to sign the petition for this new General Plan.

The other petition covers rejection of the recently approved "smaller" development in the Rancho San Juan area of North County.

11-12-05 - Supervisor Dave Potter first to sign PETITION for NEW COUNTY GENERAL PLAN to be on JUNE 2006 BALLOT. Alvin Edwards, Peninsula Water Management District board member, also signed. He said this INITIATIVE WON'T STOP GROWTH, BUT TELL US HOW TO DO SMART GROWTH.

11-10-05 - Coastal Commission Staff announced that PUBLIC HEARINGS ON THE P.B. CO.'s APPLICATIONS for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest (and Measure "A" Initiative) are now TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED for MARCH 2006 in MONTEREY.

11-09-05 -- Coastal Commission Staff requires additional information from the County on the PROPOSED AMENDMENTS to the LOCAL COASTAL PLAN (Forest Land Use Plan) covering P.B. Co.'s Measure "A" Initiative and proposed development projects. A five-page letter to the County dated October 24, 2005 outlined the need for the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REQUIRED BEFORE PUBLIC HEARINGS ARE SCHEDULED.

11-05-05 - Supervisors criticized 5th District Supervisor Dave Potter and members of various groups working to obtain the required signatures for a NEW INITIATIVE FOR THE JUNE 2006 BALLOT. If approved by voters the COUNTY'S GENERAL PLAN will be amended to control new developments in the County with new policies and strict new requirements for developers. HELP SAVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT IN MONTEREY COUNTY. SIGN THE PETITION.

11-04-05 - Proposed INITIATIVE, written by the County legal staff for the June, 2006 BALLOT covering a new COUNTY GENERAL PLAN is satisfactory per Chris Fitz, Executive Director of LandWatch Monterey County. Fitz represents several groups that want a new 20 year guideline for controlled growth in the County that restricts excessive development and includes new policies that the Supervisors have not included in their discussions.

10-26-05 -- A new landmark INITIATIVE called "QUALITY OF LIFE, AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND VOTER CONTROL", to amend Monterey County's GENERAL PLAN was announced by Monterey County LandWatch and 17 community groups on October 20, 2005. Volunteers are gathering signatures to qualify for the June 2006 ballot.

10-25-05 - Coastal Commission staff continues to receive letters from concerned County residents with reasons why the Pebble Beach Co.'s proposed development plans should not be approved. HAVE YOU SENT YOUR OPINIONS TO CHARLES LESTER, DIRECTOR, at 725 FRONT STREET, #300, SANTA CRUZ CA 95060 YET? Click HERE to read some of the letters we have received and the list of individuals and organizations that have submitted APPEALS to the Coastal Commission.

10-21-05 - A coalition of environmental and community groups that have continually asked the County Supervisors for a new 20 YEAR GENERAL PLAN WITH TIGHT GROWTH POLICIES filed a notice of intent to circulate petitions with the County election department on Wednesday, October 19, 2005. They expect their version of a new County General Plan to be on the June 2006 ballot.

10-12-05 - COUNTY'S "20-YEAR GROWTH" UPDATED GENERAL PLAN was covered by Supervisors and the public during Tuesday's October 10, 2005 Public Hearing. Additional hearings to be held in 2006 when a final draft plan and EIR is scheduled to be released.

9-15-04 - Community Group Held 2nd Meeting on County General Plan Update. Representatives from 18 different environmental and slow-growth groups met onSeptember 14th in Carmel Valley to continue work on their proposed Update of the County General Plan.

9-20-05 - County Supervisors approved Resolution No 05-242 on Tuesday, September 20, 2005 to comply with a request from the Coastal Commission staff concerning PEBBLE BEACH CO.'s MEASURE "A" INITIATIVE. The new Resolution is only a procedural requirement. It states that the County intends to carry out the Initiative and amend the Forest Local Coastal Program (with many changes in zoning, etc.) in a manner fully in conformity with the California Coastal Act and the County's certified Local Coastal Program... IF... the Initiative is certified by the Coastal Commission.

9-20-05 - County Supervisors resumed work on the Udate of the GENERAL PLAN in an all day meeting on Monday. Business groups and pro-growth advocates along with the environmentalists with slow-growth forces spoke up at the meeting.

9-09-05 -"17-Mile Drive through Pebble Beach is one of only nine private toll roads in the country, and the only one west of the Mississippi." Source: AAA

9-09-05 - Read the latest "Pebble Beach Pine Forest Story" reprinted from the California Planning and Development Report. This story was provided by Mark Massara, Sierra Club Director.

8-24-05 - New Letters from concerned residents to California Coastal Commission Staff with opinions on P.B. Co.'s Applications for major construction projects in the Del Monte Forest are posted on this web site.

8-17-05 - VOTERS WILL DECIDE on Rancho San Juan major development plans located north of Salinas in November. Supervsors upheld their earlier approval of this very large development at Tuesday's meeting.

8-10-05 - Today our organization submitted a new request to the California Coastal Commission outlining OBJECTIONS to PB Co.'s pending Application No. PLN040160 and Monterey County Board of Supervisors Resolution No. 05-063. This Application and Resolution cover proposed changes in the Conditions that are part of the Spanish Bay Resort Coastal Development Permit PC-5040 and REMOVAL OF PERMANENT SCENIC EASEMENTS ON THE SAWMILL BORROW SITE where the PB Co. proposes BUILDING A NEW EQUESTRIAN CENTER AND SPECIAL EVENT PARKING AREA. Coastal Commission action on this issue will be processed separately from the other PB Co. Applications according to the Commission Planner in Santa Cruz.

8-09-05 - New "WE NEED YOUR HELP!" letter sent to concerned residents in Pebble Beach and Monterey County asking them to please write to the Coastal Commission office in Santa Cruz objecting to the pending PB Co. development plans for Del Monte Forest.

8-09-05 - The Coastal Commission Planner responsible for the PB Co's pending applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest is reviewing the TWENTY TWO (22) APPEALS submitted in June and the many letters that continue to be submitted with objections to the PB Co.'s plans. He has informed our organization that it is premature to estimate when the Coastal Commission Public Hearings will begin. Detailed information on these APPEALS is provided on a new separate page on this website.

7-22-05 - On July 21, 2005 the County Supervisors gave County Planners new definitions and decisions on major policies for the 20-YEAR GROWTH GENERAL PLAN. The Planners are to develop a new "rough draft" on key parts of the new Plan. No date was set for the next meetings on this six year old project.

7-20-05 - SAVE OUR PENINSULA COMMITTEE HAS FILED A LAWSUIT in Monterey County Superior Court to stop the County from approving subdivisions that are not consistent with the existing 1982 COUNTY GENERAL PLAN. The Committee has asked County officials to repair (update) the current Plan or to seek state permission to keep using it to process projects.

7-14-05 - Dave Potter, County Supervisor, reappointed to a Fifth Term on the California Coastal Commission by State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

7-08-05 - The California Coastal Commission Staff office at 725 Front Street, Room #300, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 is now processing all Appeals and letters from the public related to the Pebble Beach Commpany's Measure "A" Initiative and pending Applications for major development projects in Del Monte Forest.


Pease send your letters of concern to Mr. Charles Lester, Deputy District Director at the above address.

We will post a copy of your letter to the Commission on this website with your permission.

Please send it by email to us at <info@cr-pb.org> or by U.S. surface mail to Concerned Residents, PO Box 1229, Pebble Beach, CA 93953.

CLICK here for a link to read the letters sent to the Coastal Commission (on this website)

7-08-05 - County Supervisors made major policy decisions on the next draft of the COUNTY 20-YEAR GENERAL PLAN. They endorsed new water and sweage-system rules for rural development at Thursday's meeting. Slow growth representives said it is clear the staff is being responsive to the pro-development majority.

7-05-05 - THE FRENCH NEWSPAPER, "LIBERATION", has joined two British newspapers and four US newspapers with an interesting STORY ON CLINT EASTWOOD AND THE PB CO. PLANS for major construction projects, including the eighth golf course in Del Monte Forest.

June 05 - See Summary of Newspaper articles on Pebble Beach Co.'s major development plans.




3-21-07 - Supervisors postponed decision on controversial ordinace concerning public ownership of desalination plants.

2-22-07 - The formation of a NEW Monterey Bay Regional WATER AUTHORITY was presented in a memorandum from the Monterey County Resources Agency and Monterey Peninsula Water Management to cities, public districts and government agencies last Wednesday.



12-17-06 - State Water Resources Board asked to take another look at the storm water runoff management plan created in September by the National Resources Defense Council and seven local agencies and cities. Local jurisdictions argue the costs of the program cound be very high.

12-15-06 - Coastal Commissioners reject Staff's recommendation and approved Cal Am Water Co's proposed pilot Desal Plant at Moss Landing. The Water Co's request to increase water rates was approved by the state Public Utilities Commission on Thursday, December 14th.

12-15-06 - Coastal Commissioners reject Staff's recommendation and approved Cal Am Water Co's proposed pilot Desal Plant at Moss Landing. The Water Co's request to increase water rates was approved by the state Public Utilities Commission on Thursday, December 14th.

12-8-06 - Coastal Commission staff rejects the Cal Am Water Co's proposed experimental pilot desalination plant at Moss Landing. Commissioners will make a decision at their public hearing in San Francisco next week.

12-1-06 - State Public Utilities Commission approved a 20 PERCENT RATE INCREASE November 30th. Average residential water bill will go from $32 to $36.

11-20-06 - California American Water Co.'s proposed RATE INCREASE is on December 14 agenda of Public Utilities Commission. Administrative Law Judge, Bert Patrick, proposed ruling recommends that the Company's "outreach" (publicity) costs" and project management (Coastal desal Water Project) costs could be recovered in the rate increase of up to 60%.

9-17-06 - Forest Lake RESERVIOR with 105 million gallons of RECLAIMED WATER formally christened on September 14th.

8-18-06 - CAL AM WATER RATES will be HIGHER during the next three years per a decision by an administrative law judge for the state Public Utilities Commission.

8-16-06 - Members of the state WATER RESOURCES CONTROL BOARD held a "scoping meeting" Tuesday at the Monterey Conference Center to discuss the California Ocean Plan. The Plan is important to PEBBLE BEACH CO. and the cities of Carmel, Pacific Grove and Monterey. It is aimed at protecting Areas of Special Biological Significance from pollution by storm water runoff and "nonpoint source" discharges--flows into the ocean that can't be pinpointed to one source.

7-25-06 - PUC public hearings begin on CAL AM WATER CO.'s proposed DESAL PLANT. The water company wants PUC approval of a plan to establish a series of surcharges to customers to pay for the pre-construction costs and for the cost of constructing the desal plant.

7-9-06 - Hearings scheduled on a proposed policy to prevent pollution in the coastal marine areas by STORM WATER RUNOFF. State water officials will hold a meeting in Monterey on August 15th. Other meetings will be held in Santa Rosa and Los Angeles.

7-1-06 - A new report on the three proposed DESAL PLANTS was recently presented by Bookman-Edmonston/GEL, a consulting firm hired by the Monterey Peninsula Water District. The report covers: Cal-AM's Coastal Water Project, Pajaro/Sunny Mesa Community Services District's Monterey Bay Regional Seawater Desalination Project, and the Sand City Desalination Project. The District Directors had questions and comments but took no action.

6-2-06 - Cal Am Water Co. to receive an administrative permit from the County Planning Dept. for its proposed pilot plant desalination plant in Moss Landing. They plan a much larger desal operation at this location after the pilot test is successful.

5-03-06 - Coastal Commissioners will decide, during their June 14-16th public hearings in Santa Rosa, whether to take the pending appeal or not for the Pajaro-Sunny Mesa Community Services District's proposed MOSS LANDING PILOT DESALINATION PLANT.

5-25-06 - Recycled wastewater stored in the recentlly upgraded FOREST LAKE RESERVOIR now being used for irrigating P.B. golf courses. A new detailed story on the PBCSD's major rehabilitation of the Reservoir is included in the May 19-25 issue of the Carmel Pine Cone.

May-06 - FOREST LAKE RESERVOIR improvement project to be completed at the end of May. The Reservoir is now filled with 325 acre-feet or 105 million gallons of recycled water that was produced at the Carmel Area Wastewater District treatment plant. This recycled water will be used for irrigation of all Forest golf courses, Stevenson School athletic fields and other recreation areas. Potable water was previously used on the private and public golf courses and recreational fields in the Forest.

4-19-06 - Cal American Water Co,. the major party in PENINSULA WATER POLITICS makes a smart PR move. They have dropped a request to charge customers (in the next rate increase) the cost of their "public outreach" efforts.

4-13-06 - Super WATER BOARD being considered! Reps from eight cities, the County, the Army and 8 Special Districts met to discuss details per Dave Berger, General Manager of the MONTEREY PENINSULA WATER MANAGEMENT DISTRICT.

4-04-06 - Toxic chemicals leach into the ocean from existing and proposed golf courses according to an April 3, 2006 Letter to the Editor. CLICK here to read this new letter and others on this website.

3-14-06 - Community (Controlled-Growth) General Plan Initiative Committee now has a new website, www.montereyplan.org on the Internet with up-to-date news about the Initiative, the issues and the law suit.

3-10-06 - At the Public Hearing yesterday, March 9, 2006, the Coastal Commissioners and the public heard testimony from the commission's staff, Pebble Beach Co. representatives, a Monterey County representative, and individuals with comments for and against the Measure "A" Initiative.

3-08-06 - On Wednesday, March 8, 2006, the Coastal Commission Staff took the COMMISSIONERS on a TOUR of DEL MONTE FOREST to view the many areas where PB Co.'s commercial expansion projects are proposed and the LAND USE ZONING will be changed IF MEASURE"A" IS CERTIFIED.

3-02-06 - New Watermaster Board that was created by a court order to develop a plan to manage the Seaside Groundwater Basin still deciding who will represent each agency, company and city on the new board. Next meeting set for March 22, 2006 at 1:30 pm at the Oldemeyer Center in Seaside.

1-30-06 - Water District receives $497,000 grant from the State for the Peninsula-wide comprehensive plan to develop and manage water resources in the area. It is estimated the plan will cost $1.3 million.

1-18-06 - New Regional Watermaster Board established by Judge Roger Randall. CalAm Water Co., the Peninsula Water District, the County Water Resources Agency, City of Seaside and other cities and groups make up the new Board. They have three years to establish a groundwater management plan and supplemental water supply. A reduction in pumping water from the Seaside Basin aquifer is also required.

1-08-06 - NEW AQUIFER STORAGE ACTIVITY - CARMEL RIVER WATER RECOVERY PROGRAM. Recent rains produced enough water in the Carmel River to allow the Water District and Cal-Am to resume the recovery program at the Seaside aquifer.


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12-13-05 - Pajaro/Sunny Mesa Community Services District's proposed Desal Pilot plant approved by citizens' land use group. The pilot plant is to be located off Hwy 1 near the Duke energy power plant, the intended site of Cal-Am Water Co.'s competing proposed desal pilot plant.

11-10-05 - Construction of Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) improvements to the FOREST LAKE RESERVOIR for RECLAIMED WATER is progressing on schedule. It is expected the reservoir will be read to collect water during the 2005-06 rainy season.

11-05-05 - Unusual coalition of business and local governments have given notice to the State Water Resources Control Board that they oppose the BAN ON STORM WATER RUNOFF POLICY.

10-08-05 - Pebble Beach Community Services District's 22-acre FOREST LAKE RESERVOIR project for UPGRADING the reservoir for RECLAIMED WATER is about half completed. The reservoir is located northeast of Lopez Road, west of Congress Road, near Forest Lake Road.

10-04-05 - CAL AM wants "interim rate relief" to cover the cost of PROPOSED DESALINATION PROJECT. Cal Am officials and other interest parties to convene in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 to set up a public hearing schedule with the P.UC law judge for the company's proposed rate increase.



9-10-05 - Some Water Board directors criticized Board Chairman Larry Foy and Manager Dave Berger for making decisions without their input.

9-09-05 - Discussion of LOCAL WATER ISSUES will follow free showing of film "Thirst" at Monterey Public Library on Sept. 14th.

9-09-05 - MPWMD Board members want a PUBLIC WORKSHOP on proposed desal plants.

9-7-05 - Monterey Peninsula Water Management Board will hold a public workshop tomorrow, Thursday, 9-8-05 on POTENTIAL NEW WATER SOURCES and Board responsibilities.

8-5-05 - Peninsula Water Management District has scheduled a PUBLIC TOWN HALL MEETING to discuss water supply project plans. It will be on Thursday, August 25th at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd., Seaside from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.

7-27-05 - 1,200 VOTERS IN FELTON (a small community 6 miles north of Santa Cruz) approved bond Measure "W" on July 26, 2005, to finance a PUBLIC TAKEOVER OF CAL AM'S WATER SYSTEM in their area. However, 405 voters opposed the plan. The "yes" voters agreed to ay $700 per year in additional property taxes for 30 years to pay for a $11 million bond required for the takeover. Cal Am, owned by German Conglomerate RWE, will not willingly sell, according to their officials.

7-29-05 - PAJARO-SUNNY MESA COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT (North Monterey County) and POSEIDON RESOURCES CORP. have reached an agreement on building a DESALINATION PLANT IN MOSS LANDING. Poseidon, headquartered in Stamford Conn., is the country's largest developer of desalination plants.

7-22-05 - At Thursday's meeting, Peninsula Water Management District Board approved a BALLOT MEASURE FOR NOVEMBER'S ELECTION. The voters will be asked if they want to pay for the Water District to investigate the logistics of a PUBLIC TAKEOVER OF CAL AM'S LOCAL WATER SYSTEM.

7-19-05 - MPWMD deferred taking action on wording for a Ballot Measure on potential takeover of Cal Am's Monterey Peninsula Water system by the public. The Board will meet again Thursday (or Friday 7/22/05). The Measure is only to ask the public if they want the MPWMD to pursue an investigation of a takeover. It is estimated it will cost the District--and the public--about $50,000 to place the item on the ballot.

7-16-05 - Cal Am Water Co. submitted their environmental study for a Desal Plant in Moss Landing to the PC. It is called a "Proponent's Environmental Assessment" and contains numerous options for providing the Peninsula with water from a desal plant.


6-24-05 - Pajaro-Sunny Mesa Community Services Distrct drops protest on CAL AM WATER CO.'S PROPOSED RATE INCREASE. The decision was made because the PUC recently ruled that the estimated cost of the Cal Am proposed DESALINATIN PLANT is too speculative to be included as part of the justification for the rate increase.

6-21-05 - The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Board voted Monday to place an item on the November ballot that will ask the voters if they should "be directed to investigate the cost and process to publicly acquire" California American Water Company's local water system.

6-03-05 - Cal Am Water Company proposed rate increase cannot include estimated costs for building a desalination plant. An administrative law judge said: "We agree that Cal Am has not yet defined its (Coastal Water Project) in suffcient detail to allow consideration of any rate recovery."

6-01-05 - Do the cities of Monterey, Carmel, Pacfic Grove and the Pebble Beach Co. have a Stormwater Management Plan? The State Regional Water Quality Control Board could issue "cease and desisit" orders if they don't stop releasing untreated runoff water from storm systems into the bay.




12-15-04 - Merging Felton and Monterey Peninsula water districts is very strongly opposed by the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, a division of the California Public Utilities Commission.

12-14-04 - "Cal Am seeks 33% rate increase" on Monterey Peninsula and 108% increase in Felton makes today's headline. Read all about it.

12-07-04 - "Stop...water management for profit." was one of the many comments made by Monterey Peninsula and Felton residents at the P.U.C. public meeting on Cal Am Water Co.'s application to merge the two communities' water rates.

12-02-04 - Three government Agencies,involved with peninsula water issued a Joint Press Release today outlining the recent approval of new agreements that will enable a significant expansion of the Recycled Water Project (Phase II Plan) for Del Monte Forest golf courses. The goal is to have an expanded system for the golf courses in the Forest that will be fully dependant on recycled water. The currently-estimated 22 to 24 million dollars will be funded by the sale of Pebble Beach Co.'s portion of its legal Water Entitlement to Del Monte Forest residential property owners.

12-1-04 - County Supervisors agreed with a recommendation from Curtis Weeks, general manager of the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, and now plan to work on a collaborative Desalination Project with numerous cities and agencies to provide future fresh water for North County, the Peninsula and Salinas.

11-26-04 - An ad by theConcerned Citizens for Clean Drinking Water newspaper compares costs of desalination facility of public agency Pajaro/Sunny Mesa with Cal Am, a for-profit company. The ad asks the public and taxpayers to give their opinion on which proposal they support. The General Manager of MPWMD responds by letter to the editor.

11-12-04 - MPWMD placed an ad in the Herald congratulating peninsula users for complying with the State Water Board Order.

11-12-04 - Office of Ratepayer Advocates has NOT asked the PUC to consider imposing a moratorium on new Monterey Peninsula water hookups according to the Carmel Pine Cone.

11-11-04 -County Water Resources Agency board talking about forming an alliance with city leaders throughout the county to build a desalination project.

11-10-04 - Consumer Group asks PUC to consider Moratorium on Peninsula water hookups until the water shortage is solved.

October 2004 - Summary of action being taken on improving the Wastewater Reclamation Plant/System for Del Monte Forest. The Independent Reclaimed Water Users Group (IRWUG) is working with Pebble Beach Co., Carmel Area Wastewater District, Pebble Beach Community Services District and the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District on amended Agreements for sale (or purchase by Golf Club users) of improved recycled water.

10-27-04 - County to lead a regional collaboration on a new Desalination Plant. On Tuesday, October 26, the Supervisors voted to allow county water officials more time to obtain regional input.

 10-22-04 - Mark Stilwell, Pebble Beach Company Executive Vice President, reported, at the Pebble Beach Community Services District meeting on September 24 that Forest property owners are responding to their September 2004 letter outlining how owners may subscribe to a plan which allows them to buy potable water from PB Co.'s allotment of "entitled" water.

10-22-04 - County Supervisors to consider "multi-jurisdictional collaboration" on new Desalination Plant. Curtis Weeks, General Manager of the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, said "...that any desalination plant needs to be publicly owned and operated as a collaboration between various agencies and jurisdictions."

10-12-04 - Water Management District held a very effective Strategic Planning Workshop for the Directors, the Staff and the public on September 29th. Eileen Goodwin, the hired Facilitator, conducted an excellent workshop meeting.

10-10-04 - PUC and Administrataive Law Judge rule Cal Am Co.'s application for desalination project in Moss Landing is inadqueate. Application lacked required evironmental assessment.

9-23-04 - Many object to Cal Am Water Co.'s application to merge the rate structure of its recently acquired Felton Water Co. with their Monterey rate structures. Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, (MPWMD) joins Santa Cruz County and Felton residents in protesting the plan.

9-22-04 - Cal Am Water Co. submits application to the P.U.C. for new desalination plant at Moss Landing. It includes an estimated 119 percent rate increase in water bills. The increase is required to cover costs of the proposed desalination plant.

9-14-04 - Cal Am Water Co. has decided not to apply for a moratorium on new water hookups. Increased water rates and decreased consumption make excessive use of water unlikely, according to Cal Am spokesperson.

9-01-04 - Cal Am Water Co. and County Water Resources Agency established future public meeting dates on their "Coastal Water Project" covering a proposed Moss Landing desalination plant.

8-24-04 - Cal-Am Water Co. and County Water Resources Agency holding a series of Public Meetings on proposed Moss Landing Desalination project. The first meeting is scheduled for tonight, August 24th at 6:30 pm at the Embassy Suites, 1441 Canyon Del Rey Blvd. Seaside. Future Town Hall meetings are planned in Carmel, Pacific Grove, and Monterey.

Click HERE to read more in the Herald's August 24th story, "Desal plant has $250 million price tag" on their website (external link)

8-24-04 - Water District Desalination Workshop planned for September 29th, 2004. David A. Berger, MPWMD General Manager announced that a workshop meeting has been scheduled for 7:00 p.m. at the Pacific Grove Community Center, 515 Junipero, Pacific Grove, on September 29th. The public is invited to attend. District staff will present a comparison matrix with available cost and technical information on three desalination options and two other water supply alternatives.

Read more in the Monterey Herald, August 22, Letters to the Editor, "More Water More Money."

8-05-04 - Strong opposition to a moratorium on new water connections given at a Cal-Am Water Company public meeting.

7-28-04 - Three Desalination Project proposals to be presented to Water District Board on Thursday, 7-29-04 at 7:00 PM at Monterey City Council Chambers.

7-20-04 - Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Board voted 6-1 at their Monday meeting to oppose Cal-Am Water Co.'s plan to request a moratorium on all new water connections.

7-09-04 - P.U.C. approved Cal-Am Water Company's request to increase water rates for big water users for a temporary period. The P.U.C. aso ordered Cal-Am to apply for a moratorium on new and expanded water connections in its Peninsula service area.

7-08-04 - Cal-Am Water Co. to make decision soon on asking state Public Utilites Commission to approve a freeze on new and expanded water hookups.

7-07-04 - Cal-Am announced a fast-track schedule for application to PUC hearing today at Embassy Suites for moratorium on Peninsula water connections.

7-03-04 - Major documents filed by Cal-Am at PUC at Hearing to justify raising water rate.

7-03-04 - Cal-Am proposes emergency rate increases and possible ban on water hookups at Public Utilities Commission hearing. Golf course operators request avoiding higher rates.

7-02-04 - Cal-Am planning for desal plant in Moss Landing in less than a year, while discussing options regarding a competing desal plant on the old National Refractories property.

7-03-04 - Major documents filed by Cal-Am at PUC Hearing to justify raising water rate.





6-01-05 - Do the cities of Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove and the Pebble Beach Co. have a Stormwater Management Plan? The State Regional Water Quality Control Board could issue "cease and desist" orders if they don't stop releasing untreated runoff water from storm systems into the bay.

May 05 - Read a series of reports on how PB Co's proposed projects will have adverse impacts on the residential community.
   • Spanish Bay Resort
   • Pebble Beach Lodge   
   • New Equestrian Center
   • New Golf Course   
   • New Driving Range

4-29-05 - The Sierra Club, Ventana Chapter, is preparing to sue the County of Monterey over the Supervisors' March 15th approval of the Pebble Beach Co.'s massive development plans in Del Monte Forest. The Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County organization agrees that the Supervisors should be challenged. Lawsuits require money and the Sierra Club needs your financial support in this fight. As a supporter of our organization, please send them your tax deductible contribution. CLICK here for details that are provided in our April, 2005 mailer which is posted on this web site.

4-14-05 - Lawsuit has been filed to have Monterey County Superior Court overturn the County's March 15th approval of Pebble Beach Company's proposed plans for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest. Alexander Henson, an environmental lawyer, filed the suit for David Dilworth's "Help Our Peninsula's Environment" group. They claim the County's Environmental Impact Report for PB Co.'s projects does not adequately address impacts on the Forest (loss of 17,000 Monterey pines and other endangered plants) and does not provide alternatives for the proposed 8th golf course in the Forest.

3-16-05 - Read public comments on P.B. Co. Development Plans delivered at the Board of Supervisors Public Hearing on March 15, 2005

3-16-05 - County Supervisors approve Pebble Beach Co.'s plans for expanding commercial operations in Del Monte Forest. At Tuesday's hearing the Supervisors ignored many public comments on why the proposed development projects are excessive and would be too destructive to the incredible Monterey Pine tree forest. They enthusiastically endorsed all pending applications and indicated they were impressed with the Company's plans for new employee housing in the Del Monte Forest and low-cost housing in Pajaro. However, the California Coastal Commission must also OK the major development projects.




12-15-04 - The highly controversial Rancho San Juan development of "Butterfly Village" is approved by 3-2 vote of supervisors along with a prediction that the "vote would be far from the last word."

12-12-04 - Their mission is "to improve the quality of life for everyone living in Monterey County".

12-12-04 - Read the "Measure A misunderstood" letter to the Herald in response to the Dec.1 letter (below). This letter includes important facts about the Pebble Beach Co's pending applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest, including, "The destruction of more than 17,000 trees..."

12-6-04 - Read the "Protect Del Monte Forest" letter to the Herald editor in response to the Dec. 1 letter (below)

12-1-04 - "Trouble in forest" is the title of a very informative letter to the Herald editor on the December 1, 2004 Opinion Page.

12-08-04 - ALL CONCERNED RESIDENTS: please call and write to County Supervisors. Urge them to vote NO on the proposed Rancho San Juan massive development in North County. Tell Supervisors not to be swayed by threats of lawsuits. Read specific information on why they should vote NO.

12-06-04 - A County Special Analysis Report on the impact of Measure "A" is now scheduled for release in late January, 2005. In addition, the Final Environmental Impact Report on Pebble Beach Co.'s pending applications for major construction projects in the Del Monte Forest (a separate document) is scheduled to be released in late December.

12-1-04 - County Scheduled next Public Hearing on Pebble Beach Co's Major Development plans in the Del Monte Forest for Wednesday,January 26, 2005 in Salinas.


11-19-04 - County Subdivision Committee unanimously approved the County Planning Department staff recommendation that all the PB Co. pending applications for development projects (13 locations in Del Monte Forest) be approved and sent to the County Planning Commissioners for another public hearing in January, 2005.

11-18-04 - During the Public Hearing, the County Subdivision Committee and Planning Department ignored California Coastal Commission Staff advise and recommendation, "...that the project (PB Co. applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest) not be heard until after there have been final Coastal Commission decisions on the LCP (Local Coastal Plan to include Measure "A" zoning and other changes) and coastal permit amendments (to previous Spanish Bay development) that would be required for the [PB Co.] project to proceed.

11-13-04 - Public Hearing on Pebble Beach Co.s major development plans scheduled for Thursday, November 18th at 9:45 am before the County Subdivision Committee in the Supervisors' chambers at the Salinas County courthouse.

11-10-04 - County's Updated New Draft General Plan & EIR now expected to be ready by mid-2005 per Scott Hennessy, Planning Director.

11-08-04 - Concerned Residents and Forest Land Use Advisory Comittee send responses to County on Partial Revised Draft EIR on PB Co's pending applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest.

11-04-04 - County Notice announces presentation to hear PB Co.'s Development Plan before County Subdivision Committee on Thursday, November 18, 2004.

10-31-04 - Public Comments on Pebble Beach Co.'s Major Development plans for Del Monte Forest due at Thom McCue's office, Monterey County Planning Dept., 2620 First Ave., Marina, CA 93933 before 4:30 p.m. November 10, 2004.

10-14-04 - PB Co's Cell Phone Antenna construction project now complete. Cell phone users will now enjoy improved reception on calls in the Forest with five new antennas up and working.

10-11-04 - This is a reminder to our viewers who are concerned about the future of Del Monte Forest!

Your response to Monterey County with comments on the Partially Recirculated Draft EIR (PRDEIR) on Pebble Beach Co.'s pending major development plans must be received by the County Planning Department before 4:30 p.m. November 10, 2004.

9-24-04 - Monterey County releases "Partially Recirculated Draft EIR", PRDEIR, on Pebble Beach Company Project and schedules Public Hearing on November 18, 2004.

9-24-04 - The 21st Century Solutions Group, a business oriented group, is developing their version of an Updated County General Plan (GPU).

9-15-04 - Community Group Held 2nd Meeting on County General Plan Update. Representatives from 18 different environmental and slow-growth groups met on September 14th in Carmel Valley to continue work on their proposed Update of the County General Plan.

8-30-04 - Letter to Pacific Grove homeowners in Del Monte Park outlines how they could be adversely affected by P.B. Co's. proposed new Equestrian Center in near by Sawmill Gulch area. See map of these extensive configurations.

8-23-04 - On August 21, 2004, a large group of Monterey County citizens began work on a new draft for updating the County General Plan. A separate business-oriented group is also working on their proposal for the General Plan Update (GPU).

8-19-04 - During September, 2004 the County Planning Department will re-issue a Partially Revised Draft EIR on Pebble Beach Co.'s development plans, with new text for four or five sections of the February, 2004 DEIR.It is expected that written comments on this new document will have to be received in the County Planning Department Marina office in late October (45 days after the new partially revised DEIR document is released. ) Thom McCue, County Senior Planner, indicated they now expect the Final EIR to be ready for circulation in December, 2004.

Click HERE to view our Revised Schedule for EIR and Processing of P.B. Co. Application web page.

8-30-04 - Letter to Pacific Grove homeowners in Del Monte Park outlines how they could be adversely affected by P.B. Co's. proposed new Equestrian Center in near by Sawmill Gulch area. See map of these extensive configurations.

8-23-04 - On August 21, 2004, a large group of Monterey County citizens began work on a new draft for updating the County General Plan.

7-29-04 - County plans changes in Ordinance covering enforcement of rules/conditions for developers on buildings, grading, erosion-control, etc. The concerned resident groups, Open Monterey Projects, Advocates for Code Compliance and others want the County to make sure developers comply with rules and conditions on their projects. County Supervisors are scheduled to consider proposed Ordinance changes on August 24, 2004.

8-19-04 - During September, 2004 the County Planning Department will re-issue a Partially Revised Draft EIR on Pebble Beach Co.'s development plans, with new text for four or five sections of the February, 2004 DEIR.It is expected that written comments on this new document will have to be received in the County Planning Department Marina office in late October (45 days after the new partially revised DEIR document is released. ) Thom McCue, County Senior Planner, indicated they now expect the Final EIR to be ready for circulation in December, 2004.

Click HERE to view our Revised Schedule for EIR and Processing of P.B. Co. Application web page.

6-30-04 - LandWatch, Planning and Conservation League and other groups vow to keep the County General Plan Update debate before the public. A series of community forums will be held throughout the county during the next few months. They plan to draft an updated General Plan in keeping with guiding principles endorsed by County Supervisors.

5-04-04 - Sally Reed. County Administrative Officer answers questions on schedule for processing the Measure "A" Initiative and PB Co.'s applications for major construction projects in Del Monte Forest.