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Summary of Newspaper articles on
Pebble Beach Co.'s major deveopment plans
  • Great Britain's Independent
    - Great Britain's newspaper, Independent, provides excellent coverage of the Pebble Beach Co.'s past actions on obtaining voter approval of Measure "A" and Monterey County's approval of their development plans that allows 150 acres of the Forest to be carved up the way they want. Andrew Gumbel's April 22, 2005 story states that the PB C.'s struggle is far from over. He describes main obstacles including the California Coastal Commission and lawsuits.

  • London Times
    - London Times story covers Eastwood's plan to "fell 17,000 trees" on this website.

  • San Jose Mercury News
    - Clint Eastwood's half-billion-dollar baby--a sweeping development plan... in Del Monte Forest is covered in a San Jose Mercury News story today. It is written by Ken McLaughlin in Santa Cruz.

  • USA Today
    - USA Today newspaper story, "Pebble Beach expansion plan causes outcry" provides comments for, and against, the proposed major construction projects in Del Monte Forest. "We don't object to growth, but there should be a balance between commercial operations and the residential community." "This plan is excessive". . . are the comments of Ted Hunter, the Co-Chair of Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach. Mark Massara, Director of the Sierra Club's California Coastal Programs, said, "We view this as the largest project with the most devastating coastal impacts proposed in decades", and "We're fully committed to ensuring that it doesn't go forward." Alan Williams, the developer managing the PB Co. projects said, "Frankly we're looking past the (Coastal) Commission, to a lawsuit if we have to."

Letters to the Editor of the Monterey Peninsula Herald.

FEBRUARY 19, 2004 -

Monterey Herald

Read the Concerned Residents response to incorrect information in the Herald article.

Read the February 19th Monterey Herald new story AND separate Comments from the Concerned Residents Organization (on this website) or . . .

Read the article at (extermal link)

Read the February 20th Carmel Pine Cone news story (on this website) or (external link)


OCTOBER 14, 2002 -
Gust of change: Looming opposition to proposed development", (on this website)

Monterey Herald article with extended interview with Ted Hunter and Carl Nielsen discussing construction issues stemming from current Pebble Beach Company Development plans.

  • April 19, 2001 Pebble Beach files plans for expansions: Monterey County Herald
    "County Planners will analyze the initial plans to see what permits will be needed and what the company will have to do to turn the proposals into a formal application... That will take about a month." "Then it will take the company's planners a few weeks to respond and file the formal applications for the necessary permits."

    Previous local news articles citing development and concerns  

  • "Pebble Beach: just 210 more hotel rooms": Pine Cone, September 15, 2000

  • "Move could end tradition of (horse) shows": Monterey Peninsula Herald, September 15, 2000

News articles regarding issues in Pebble Beach Company's implementation of Measure "A"
  •  Proposed development site shown:
    ............. Monterey County Herald, May 10, 2001

    "California Coastal commissioners got a glimpse of one of the most gorgeous areas of the Monterey Peninsula Wednesday with a tour through Del Monte Forest and a quick study of Measure A."

  • How the Coastal Commission operates:.
    Monterey County Herald, May 14, 2001

    "Try building anything along the coastline of the Monterey Peninsula and you'll soon learn who holds the power over development in the state."

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