Homeowners have a right, really an obligation, to speak up.

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"All that has to happen for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing".

If we homeowners are not vigilant and watchful, this beautiful life we have will be taken from us, in tiny increments over time. The only people who are really concerned about the homeowners and residents in Pebble Beach are the homeowners and residents themselves. We cannot expect others to be as concerned as we are.

There are many issues being decided that will have serious impacts on our lives. We homeowners and residents must weigh in on the resolution of these issues or our needs and desires will be bargained away by others with other interests and concerns. It is not that others are "out to get us", it is that only we homeowners and residents can speak up for our needs.

Water, land use, development, forest management, community access and many other issues can vitally affect homeowners and residents in the Forest. Proponents of these issues may have interests contrary to ours. They have a right to put forth their proposals. We have a right, really an obligation, to speak up for our interests in these matters. The Del Monte Forest Property Owners Association speaks for Property Owners. Their constituency includes large land owners such as Pebble Beach Company and Robert Lewis Stevenson School. The interests of these large non-residential property owners may not always be aligned with those of homeowners and residents.

Clearly there is a need for an organization to represent our special interests. Clearly, the Del Monte Forest Property Owners is not that organization.

I urge the Concerned Residents organization to change their name to "Del Monte Forest Homeowners Association" and take up the cause of homeowners and residents of the Forest. The renamed organization could be re-tasked to represent homeowners and residents who want to protect their property and way of life. It would be entirely appropriate for this new organization to invite homeowners to join this new association and help cover the costs of the organization through the payment of modest dues. A lot could be done if this change were to be achieved.

That is just one opinion. Your comments are invited and encouraged.

A Concerned Homeowner