"Concerns About the Future"

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"Concerns About the Future"

 (Submitted by the Steering Committee of the Concerned Residents of Del Monte Forest and Monterey County)

Two Non-Profit Organizations

Residents of Del Monte Forest are able to communicate with two non-profit corporations concerning the quality of life in the Forest. The Position/Purpose of each organization follows:

Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County

To maintain the residential character of Del Monte Forest, we:

  • Are dedicated to preserving the residential community in Del Monte Forest.
  • Support limits and controls on any further expansion of commercial property.
  • Oppose further conversion of property to commercial usage.
  • Oppose excessive commercial development in the Forest that will have an adverse impact on Forest residential areas and on neighboring communities.
  • Support all efforts that will enhance the residential environment.
  • Support limited low density residential development.
  • Support a first-class Equestrian Center in the Forest and preservation of the Forest Trail System.

Del Monte Forest Property Owners (DMFPO)

- To promote and preserve the high standards of the residential community of Del Monte Forest in Monterey County, California;

- To obtain such additional community facilities as are necessary for the safety, comfort, health and welfare of residents of the area;

- To cooperate in the proper and desirable development of the Del Monte Forest area; and to promote harmony, civic enthusiasm, and community pride.

Measure "A" - Pebble Beach Company's Initiative and DMFPO Action

On October 10, 2000 the DMFPO Board of Directors voted to support the Pebble Beach Company's Initiative,Measure"A" on the November 7th ballot, in exchange for signing an agreement with the Company to limit the future development of new hotel rooms at The Lodge and Inn at Spanish Bay to a total of 210 rooms and to construct a new equestrian center before the existing one is destroyed for the development of a new golf course. With the agreement, the Company agrees to support the construction of Highway One Gate improvements and shall respond to reasonable concerns of traffic in The Lodge and Spanish Bay areas. (The Company has very limited obligations under Measure "A" to resolve existing and future traffic problem).

On November 7th, 2000, Monterey County voters approved Measure "A". However, Pebble Beach Company's Initiative (Measure "A") and their Forest development plans must be approved by the California Coastal Commission and Monterey County Supervisors before any construction begins.

Residents Concerns

An independent, professional research firm was recently commissioned by the Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach to conduct a survey of Forest residents on issues that involve the quality of life in the residential community. The firm reported that half of the Forest residents adamantly oppose further commercial expansion by the Pebble Beach Company.

It is difficult to understand why the DMFPO Board of Directors agreed to a 46% increase in hotel rooms and more conference rooms in the Forest when residents oppose such a massive commercial expansion. Do the DMFPO Directors really represent the interest of the Forest residents?

Future of the Forest

Individuals and organizations in the Forest and in adjacent communities that are truly concerned about the impact of a major development in the Forest should question whether land use planning by initiative will serve them well, now and for the long-term.

Isn't it also reasonable to see definitive development plans, with a well-done Environmental Impact Report, before supporting or opposing the plans? The DMFPO Directors appear to have ignored Forest residents concerns and lost sight of what good land use planning requires.