Title 1:  The Beginnning. Tanzania, 1972 – 1974.

This will take you back in time to 1973 and you will see friends and family visiting us in Iringa, Tanzania.

Title 2:  1983 – 1985, Institute of In-service Teacher Training, Mogadishu, Somalia.

This will take you to Somalia in East Africa, where In-Service Teacher Training for primary school teachers in refugee camps, Refugee Adult Education(RAE) and textbook writing at IITT, Institute of In-service Teacher Training in Mogadishu were the main objectives for the positions at the Institute in Mogadishu.  See Title 2 photos scanned from a family album. 

Title 3:  Back to Copenhagen. July 1985, Wedding and 50 year’s birthday, June 28, 1990.

This will take you to June 28, 1990 where family and friends were gathered to celebrate two occasions at the same date, a fifty years birthday and our marriage.

Title 4: Tanzania, 1991 – 1995. Kenyatta Drive 25, Dar es Salaam.

This will show you our house at Kenyatta Drive 25, Dar es Salaam, but from the inside, and the pictures are taken by my daughter Jeanette's friend Helle, when they both visited us in Tanzania.

Title 5:  Tanzania, 1991 - 1995.  Kenyatta Drive 25. The house seen from the garden, and Charlie and Choka are watchdogs.

This will show you around in the garden to the house at Kenyatta Drive, which is a house, build by the German Administration and totally renovated by the Royal Danish Embassy.

Title 6:  Tanzania 1996 – 2000. Mkadini Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

This will take you to our home at Mkadini Road, a house we moved into when we returned to The Royal Danish Embassy for the second time, and you will meet a very dear friend of us a Maryknoll Sister by the name of Jean Pruitt.

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