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Remember this breakfast in 1996?

(Documents are listed in chronological order, most recent first.)

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Other reasons for us to form a PGTA-Retired chapter include
  • Focus on issues that affect us as retirees such as the costs and levels of continuing health benefits
  • Communicate directly upon hearing of any proposed increase in costs for premiums or prescription drugs or amount of co-pay
  • Request and receive direction from our PGTA-R members when PGUSD negotiations concern retirees' issues
  • Provide guidance and resources whenever our PGTA-R members experience changes in marriages or deaths in the family
  • Let everyone know of future business or social meetings.

Several other possibilities have been mentioned for this website:

  • Post copies of relevant insurance tables or charts and similar documents as they become available
  • Post names and e.mail addresses of PGTA retirees who wish to receive correspondence from each other
  • Post other related resources of useful and relevant information for retirees
  • Post comments and opinions from PGTA-R members as a dialogue for other members to read and respond
  • Post group photographs of members when we get together, or other photos if requested

    Please write to us with your ideas and suggestions for how
    we can use this web site to communicate and share information!

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