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Title 3. Back to DK from Somalia, July 1985, Wedding and 50 year’s birthday, June 28, 1990.

On my return to Copenhagen from Somalia I moved directly in to a furnished apartment at Engtoftevej, Frederiksberg. I had rented the apartment from some Danish friends in Somalia, who still had one more year on their international contract, they thought! The time was ultimo July 1985, and I had to return to work as a teacher in Ballerup primo August 1985.

Before I left East Africa in 1985, I had invited Jan to join me at Kenyatta International Airport I Nairobi, Kenya, as he had just finished secondary school that summer, and he was now ready for going to the University. Jan dropped all his graduation parties and joined me in Kenya, and we drove to Amboseli National Park to go game driving and to watch Mount Kilimanjaro from the Kenyan side, a mountain with an icy cap, and with Jan’s special interest. Tzavo West National Park, Taita Hills with its enormous lava fields and Mzima Springs, and Tzavo East National Parks with Voi Safari Lodge and the big herds of elephants were all familiar places for Jan, and by seeing it again, it was a major adventure for him, and sweet melodically sounds for my ears! We went on to the City of Mombasa for a few days of swimming and sunshine, excellent food and hotel accommodation, , before we boarded the night train to Nairobi, a train known from its luxurious dinning and sleeping facilities, which we enjoyed immensely, while we drew through the black African night.

Back in Denmark I moved to Engtoftevej and in August 1985 Else and her daughter moved in with me in the apartment, and we stayed there, until we found our own apartment at Vesterbrogade 39, Copenhagen V, to where we all moved primo January 1986. The family from which we had rented the apartment had a need for the apartment which we occupied, and we agreed, that in spite of having a one year contract, we would move out of Engtoftevej as soon as we found something else to live in. Vesterbrogade was a 220 m2 apartment and it was a marvelous place to live, spacious and with a roof terrace besides situated in the middle of town, and we owned it for the next 10 years, even when we went to Tanzania.

Else and I were married on my 50 years birthday, June 28 1990, and it took place at Frederiksberg Main Hall, and afterwards we were surprised to see all my closest colleges present at the Main Hall Square for a small reception, so we divided the day into sections in such a way, that morning and afternoon would be my birthday, while lunch and dinner at night would be our marriage celebration.

We had chosen the Tivoli Gardens for all the festivities, and we had invited all our family and friends to join us to make our “double day” very special, and that was just what they did.

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