Stop the DevelopersŐ End Run


Protect your right to voteÉbefore itŐs too late



The new Monterey County General Plan is just another attempt by the radical pro-growth majority of the Board of Supervisors to trick the voters in order to pave over and carve up Monterey County for the benefit of developers.


When four of the five Supervisors approved their new General Plan (1/3/07), they also re-approved the massive golf course/residential project, Rancho San Juan, even though 76% of us voted against it more than a year ago. 


Even worse, rural development policies in this new General Plan will put Rancho San Juan look-alikes all over Monterey County.


HereŐs what we will face under this new pro-development County General Plan. 


á      Gridlocked roads and highways

á      Loss of safe water supplies

á      Loss of productive farmland

á      More sprawl

á      Development on steep slopes and ridges

á      Increased soil erosion

á      Loss of important wildlife habitat


These Monterey County organizations and elected officials oppose the new General Plan:

á      LandWatch Monterey County

á      Sierra Club Ventana Chapter

á      Carmel Valley Association

á      League of Women Voters Monterey Peninsula

á      League of Woman Voters Salinas Valley

á      Rancho San Juan Opposition Coalition

á      Tony Barrera, Salinas City Council Member

á      Jyl Lutes, Salinas City Council Member

á      Ken Gray, Marina City Council Member

á      Jeff Haferman, Monterey City Vice Mayor

DonŐt give up your quality of life just so developers can build projects we donŐt want and local workers canŐt afford.  


Please sign the Referendum.