and Monterey County

a Non-Profit California Corporation

Dedicated to Preserving the Natural Environment and Quality of Life in Del Monte Forest and Peninsula Communities

September 18, 2007

Dear Concerned Residents of Pebble Beach and Monterey County,

Our thanks go to all of you who contacted the California Coastal Commissioners urging them to deny the Pebble Beach Company’s Measure “A” Initiative that would have made major changes in policies and zoning for future development in the Del Monte Forest and to allow an excessive expansion of commercial operations. As you know by now, the Commissioners voted 8-4 to deny the proposed changes covered by the Measure “A” Initiative.

We also want to thank many of you who have called us to express your appreciation for the work of our organization. However, our work is not finished. As the enclosed Mission Statement indicates, we are dedicated to preserving the residential community in Del Monte Forest. Protecting the environment and quality of life for residents in the Forest is a continuing job. This has been the objective of the organization since we started meeting in 1996 and your representatives will continue working with government agencies and others involved with the future development plans for the Del Monte Forest.

As of October 1, 2007, the leadership of Concerned Residents will change. Ted Hunter will no longer serve as a Co-Chairman as he is busy getting ready for a move to southern California in the spring. Carl Nielsen has decided it’s time to turn his Co-Chairman position over to other concerned residents. Bruce C. Belknap will continue his outstanding job as the webmaster for our web site,

Thus, our organization faces two challenges: the new leadership and its financial status. Virdette Brumm has agreed to be involved in the new leadership, but the active involvement of others is necessary. If you are interested in assisting with the management of our organization and in the preservation of the Forest and our residential community, please contact us by letter (P.O. Box 1229) or by email to We again thank you for your support. Our organization has been successful in its work since it became a non-profit corporation in 1998 because of your continuing financial contributions.

Encl: Mission Statement
         Coastal Commission letter dated August 9, 2007