11-13-07 - Partial list of supplies recommended by the Amercan Red Cross to keep on hand in an emergency.

11-03-07 - Well, that's one way to prevent forest fires: Professor Toro

10-30-07 - Local officials crafting wildfire strategy: Tighter building codes part of the plan

10-29-07 - FIRE DANGER CLOSE TO HOME: Potential for a disaster is here, too.

  • .For details CLICK here for the Monterey County Herald's October 29th, 2007 story, "FIRE DANGER CLOSE TO HOME" on their web site, (an external link).

  • Download a PDF of the fire map (7.1 MB) (an external link)

  • Where the risk is
    The state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and local fire officials have released a draft of fire hazard severity zones in Monterey County. The map is still being reviewed for possible changes. "LRA" includes areas of the county covered by local firefighting agencies, while "Other" refers to areas in which firefighting duties are the responsibility of state and federal agencies.

California Deprtment of Forestry & Fire Protection
Recommended Web Sites For Emergency Preparedness

Be Smart, Be Responsible, Be Prepared!
California First Lady Maria Shriver urges Californians to be prepared for a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Find 10 ways to prepare you and your family before disaster strikes.

CDF Fire Safety Education
Find information that will help you make your home and your family more fire safe all year round.

CA Storm and Flood Information
Find information that will help you prepare for the possibility of flood and stay current on flood bulletins.

Pandemic Flu Information
Find out about the possiblity of a flu pandemic and what you can do to protect your family.

OES, Emergency Preparedness Checklist
The Governor's Office of Emergency Services provides a checklist to help you go it alone for three days.

Preparing for the Unexpected (American Red Cross)
The American Red Cross outlines steps to take. What could happen, evacuation, medical procedures, assembling a disaster supply kit.
(also available in Spanish)

FEMA: Disaster Services - Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides an emergency checklist, home hazard plan, escape plan, and instructions for assembling a fire safety kit.

Prepare Your Family Disaster Plan
Steps to take to prepare your Family Disaster Plan.

Ready America: US Department of Homeland Security
This site will help you preparet a kit, make a plan and be informed:

The California Fire Safe Council offers a range of fire safe education tools to raise awareness of the need to prepare for wildfires.

Get Ready For Fire Season PDF

Fire Safe Council Brochure PDF

Fire Safe Landscaping (PDF's)

Homeowner Checklist | Espanol PDF

California Fire Plan

Fire Safe - Inside and Out:
Long Version | Short Version

Fire Safe Gardens

"How Fire Safe is Your House?" Questionnaire


Welcome. We of the Monterey Fire Safe Council commit ourselves to protecting your lives and your property from harm by wildfire.

The Monterey Fire Safe Council can provide you more information on how best to protect your neighborhood against wildfire and where to get help doing it. Contact us by e-mail if you would like an individual assessment of your property's fire safety by an agency professional or certified contractor.

Pebble Beach Community Services District

Fire Safety Checklist
For Parents, Guardians, or Caretakers

Disaster Preparedness Checklist


Angora Fire
at Lake Tahoe

Excerpts and photograph from the U.S. Forest Service Report, "An Assessment of Fuel Treatment Effects on Fire Behavior, Suppression Effectiveness, and Structure Ignition on the Angora Fire at Lake Tahoe"
(37 page pdf, 7.5 MB)





Click to downoad the September/October, 2007 FOREST NEWS newsletter to read the entire article, "Pandora's (Fire) box"
(5 pages, 616 KB pdf)